Our February 2019 Young Scholars

Honoring Readers, Writers, & Students of the Month

The February and March Young Scholars Assembly is...

Friday, March 22nd, 2-3:15pm

Turrill Elementary School

  • E5-2nd Grade 2:00-2:30
  • 2nd/3rd-5th Grade 2:45-3:15

In addition to being excellent readers and writers, students are selected for these awards by displaying characteristics important for people to be successful adults and are representative of all our Turrill students.

Some examples of the important traits we recognize are responsibility, resiliency, perseverance, and kindness. Furthermore, students selected demonstrate a passion for learning and show a positive attitude toward peers and staff.

We believe these students have met and surpassed these criteria, and clearly demonstrate the outstanding qualities we look for in our student recipients.

Student of the Month Lunch with the Principal for February AND March is...

Friday, March 22nd, 11:30am-1:30pm

Turrill Elementary School

The February and March Student of the Month for each classroom bring their appetites during their normal lunch period and I bring the pepperoni pizza!

E5-2nd Grade Readers of the Month

Big picture

Brown - Elizabeth Dodes

Abeare - Evelyn Roth

Badyrka - Matthew Riley

Ruhlman - Liv Stone

Campbell - Dresden Yost

Burgeson - Austin Thatcher

Smith - Cameron Pritchard

Christian - Mason Auchterlonie

Oliver - Ruby Selph

E5-2nd Grade Writers of the Month

Big picture

Brown - Cameron Robinson

Abeare - Carlos Milliner, Jr.

Badyrka - Emma Bednarchik

Ruhlman - Cruz Broadworth

Campbell - Scarlett Ross

Burgeson - Garrett Beaudette

Smith - Nathan Carey

Christian - Susan Steffler

Oliver - Tucker Williamson

E5-2nd Grade Students of the Month

Big picture

Brown - Emmalyn Raymond

Abeare - Brooklyn Keehn

Badyrka - Selena Haskins

Ruhlman - Cole Salcido

Campbell - Harper Alexander

Burgeson - Rachel Waugh

Smith - Iser Nickola

Christian - Cambriana Warpup

Oliver - Anjolie Madden

2nd/3rd-5th Readers of the Month

Big picture

Craft - Trevor Goward

Baxter - Jaidyn Fetzer

Tripp - Aurora Nickola

Chaffin - Trenton Smith

Fantin - Haeden Phelps

Berry - Corinne Calkins

Hoganson - Abigail McClusky

Short - Nevaeh Hendrickson

2nd/3rd-5th Writers of the Month

Big picture

Craft - Ensley DeYonker

Baxter - Jordan Judd

Tripp - Ethan Waun

Chaffin - Eldon Saltzman

Fantin - Elijah Fluery

Berry - Jayden Madden-Stalter

Hoganson - Kadie Rider

Short - Madison White

2nd/3rd-5th Students of the Month

Big picture

Craft - Madison Hunter

Baxter - Maddie Thompson

Tripp - Sebastian Gooch

Chaffin - Dalton Warnke

Fantin - Austin Traver

Berry - Marin Readwin

Hoganson - Aaliyah Clay

Short - Alyssa Carter