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Something people say most of the time

Some lazy people think compulsory school attendance is mean because they just want to play video games at home.

To get you started thinking about Compulsory School Attendance

Here is one of the first and most important thing I think about Compulsive School Attendance to get you started. It is that students first of all have too much time off, 190 days (Not counting tardys and lates) or more than half the year. Don't you think thats to much days off?

The reasons people should have compulsory school attendance (Full Essay)

Although some lazy people say that compulsory school attendance is a not needed requirement that nice men and women made to make sure people get educated, the is dramatic evidence that compulsory school attendance can be very useful with a few tiny negatives. Now read on about the power of compulsory school attendance.

As people go to school it shows that the students are very responsible with compulsory school attendance. Also, by making school attendance compulsory until age of 18 years, the students and the school can avoid regret. Additionally, many people who have compulsory school attendance have a grad rate of about %75. Finally, if they have compulsory school attendance they won't get behind the class/school.

Though many lazy people say that people with much less have an unchanging %2 higher grad rate. Also, they might say that 175-186 days of school is too many school days even when that is less than half the year. Additionally, they might say they want to learn on their own even though that is not necessary. Finally, the parents might say that their child/children a too busy even though they are not.

While for like many years people used the barely any compulsory school attendance way without thinking about their child/children not having enough education. Now there is new powerful evidence that people with compulsory school attendance are competing all their tasks. Though some lazy people never give up. Now thank you for reading my essay on Compulsory school attendance.

Pros (Piece of essay)

• People who have compulsory school attendance for 18 years have a graduation rate of 75%

• Compulsory school attendance until age of 18 years, students can avoid regret.

• People with compulsory attendance can test their responsibility.

• If they have compulsory school attendance they won't get behind.

Cons (Piece of essay)

• Less compulsory school attendance has a 2% greater grad rate.

• That 175-186 is sometime too many days of school.

• That the student might be too busy for anything.

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Interview with Matthew Kind

Q: What do you think about compulsory school attendance

A: That you should have to come to school every day, except for when you're sick or have a good reason.

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