mLearning Options for K-12

EDU 210 Module 9

Journal Jar

Journal Jar is an app and website created to give students completely random writing prompts. Simply "shake" the jar, and it will give the students a writing prompt to use.

Journal Jar can be used quite easily at just about any grade level. Elementary students could use the app to give them a topic for writing a paragraph composition, while junior high and high school students could use the prompt given to them for writing a quick inkshed or a short essay at home.


Videolicious is a website and mobile app that students can use that allows them to create and edit videos on their smart phones.

Videolicious can be used by students for all sorts of projects and assignments. Students can use it to create movies based on stories that they have written, or to reenact events that have already happened.


Audioboo is a website and mobile app that allows the user to record their own voice, thus allowing them to create their own audio recordings.

Audioboo can be used by students to create audio formats of stories they have written. Doing so will enhance their stories as they can change the tone of voice they are using while reading, adding dramatic effect. Students can also use this app for a project in which they would create a podcast to present the information they have found.

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is an awesome website that allows the user to pose a question to a group of people, and have them answer that question anonymously using their mobile phone or computer.

Poll Everywhere has many possible applications in the classroom. Teachers can use it to quiz students (giving both the teacher and students a sense of how they are doing with certain topics). Teachers can also use it to get a sense of what students may want to do for a project, such as a poster, video, or PowerPoint. The great thing about this application is that it is entirely anonymous, meaning that students can be completely honest without having to worry about peer pressure.


Bitsboard is a mobile app that provides flash cards for a wide variety of different topics, in order for students to study at home. It also has many different games within the app, which students can use to see how well they have retained the information from the flashcards.

Bitsboard can be used by students outside of the classroom in order to provide them with extra resources to study from. It also gives them a fun way to study, providing some change from their typical routine.