Kindergarten Week of Sept. 21-25

Decker Prairie Cougars


*Pack a snack daily

*Please send a water bottle

*Pack an extra set of clothes

*Extra masks are great too

Upcoming Dates

September 22: Face to face and virtual learning Parent Orientation 5:00-5:45


Introductory Letters - I can identify and vocalize the letters L,D, F, H.

Introductory Sight Words - I can read the sight words to and like.


This week we will focus on writing the lower and upper case letters P N S A.

We will also work on student of the day. We will learn more about our classmates.


This week we will begin composing and decomposing numbers to 5.

Composing is putting the number parts together.

Decomposing is the ability to tell the parts that make up your number. For example when you compose 2 you could say 0 is a part 2 is a part 2 is my whole OR 1 is a part 1 is a part 2 is my whole.


Science: This week we will explore the physical properties of objects.

Social studies: This week we will learn about authority figures around us.

Great Expectations

Our expectation of the week is: Expectation #3 We will use good manners, saying, “please,” “thank you,” and “excuse me” and allow others to go first.

Life principle of the week: Responsibility means to make the choice to be reliable and dependable.

Your Kinder Team