By: Imelda Rivera

What is a lever ?

  • Leaver allows you to gain a mechanical advantage in moving an object or in applying a force to an object .
  • Parts of the lever are : load , effort , fulcrum .
  • The load and effort are also called the resistance arm and the effort arm.
  • There is 3 types of levers ; 1st class, 2nd class, 3 class
  • The 3 types of levers are classified by the position of the fulcrum, load , and effort.
Three Classes of Levers

Examples of lever in the real world

  • Tweezers
  • nut cracker
  • nail clipper
  • fishing pole

How does a lever provides mechanical advantage ?

The lever provides mechanical advantage by increase the distance that you put on force that you applied . To increase the mechanical advantage of the lever , move the the fulcrum closer to the object .

Calculation of mechanical advantage

  • To find the MA of a lever, divide the effort arm length by the resistance arm length.
  • MA = effort arm length / resistance arm length