Auschwitz Research

By Spencer Jarvis

Auschwitz I

Auschwitz was founded in 1940 and was first used to house political prisoners. Over time, it became a well known as a death camp locale that was a part of Hitler's final solution. The leader of the camp was Rudolf Höss. When prisoners were sent to Auschwitz those who were considered unfit to work were sent to the gas chambers. Those who survived would usually die of thirst, malnutrition, overwork, or the horrible conditions. Over one million people died in this camp alone.


The second Auschwitz camp, Auschwitz-Birkenau, was very similar to the other camp. Unlike camp one however, nearly 320,000 people were sent directly into the gas chamber. The point of this camp was to carry out Hitler's final solution while also gaining free test subjects for their experiments. These experiments were conducted by Doctor Josef Mengele. He conducted experiments on eye color, twins, and dwarfs. Prisoners who were not tested on died of overwork or the poor conditions.