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Mental Health Awareness Month Part IV

May Is Mental Health Month

This month in honor of Mental Health Awareness month we decided to put together one comprehensive newsletter that will focus on mental wellness. In light of the recent events our mental health team is providing you with a variety of information and resources on how to help build resiliency and mental wellness in our students during this difficult time.

During this time, it is important that we find ways to have our children articulate how they are feeling or what they are experiencing. It is also important to focus on the positive, things children can control, and opportunities to build resilience and gratitude.

There are a lot of resources packed into this newsletter. Feel free to pick one strategy to try each week of May. Use what works for you and your family.

In addition, Mrs. Martinez (Primary Social Worker) and Mrs. Vincent (Elementary Social Worker) will be creating weekly read-a-louds focusing on the book series "A Little Spot Of....". Look for the links each week!

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Weekly Read Aloud Link with our School Social Workers

Please take a moment to watch Mrs. Vincent, Elementary Social Worker, read the book, A Little Spot of Happiness" by Diane Alber.


*New* Books for Kids About Covid written by Dr. Block

*NEW* Webinar Managing our Moods During Covid

Great Parent Webinars

How to Help Kids Cope with Disappointment During Covid19

Clashing in Close Quarters: A Parent Guide to Managing Noncompliance and Disruptive Behavior During COVID-19

**NEW** More Great Resources

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Behavior Management

Managing Non Compliant Behaviors Webinar- Click link below

Coronavirus and Parenting

Coronavirus: Clear Answers for Kids

Mental Wellness and Resiliency


Divorce and Co-Parenting During Covid

Resources that Get Kids Talking...

How To Find Joy During The Coronavirus Pandemic
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Someday Soon Jar

Keep Positive & Fill Up Your Someday Soon Jar!

Inspired by Katie Eborall, a mom from the United Kingdom who started a bucket list jar to help kids dream of their post-COVID-19 adventures, we are launching a Someday Soon Jar project!

We love the idea of giving kids a positive way to stay hopeful. And we love giving adults a happy way to turn frustration into anticipation!

Social Emotional Learning Lessons - Name That Emotion Gameshow!

Family Key Questions Jar

Creating a Worry Jar

Covid Workbooks: To help children process their feelings.

Videos for young children about COVID and Health Emergencies

Tools For Stress Reduction in Children

Ways to Reframe a Problem


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Progressive Relaxation Exercise

Progressive Muscle Relaxation for Kids

Guided Imagery Exercise

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What to do if you or your child need assistance during this time....

The mental health department knows this is a stressful time for everyone. Please don't hesitate to reach out to any member of our department if you need assistance.


Michele Vincent- Social Worker

Gina Tornincaso- School Pyschologist

Monica Saavedra-School Pyschologist


Michele Vincent- Social Worker

Danielle Warnke-School Pyschologist

Melina Mendelson- School Pyschologist


Tracy Martinez - Social Worker

Monica Saavedra - Psychologist


Tracy Martinez - Social Worker

Jessica Berenbroick - Psychologist


Tracy Martinez - Social Worker

Happy Arstark - Psychologist