Week at a Glance


Upcoming Events

Have a great Spring Break! I hope you all can enjoy some time off to relax and regroup as we work thorough the last nine weeks of the 22-23 school year.

  • Report cards have been generated and sent home via Harmony.
  • No School-Friday, March 24th
  • No School-Spring Break March 27th-31st
  • Principal open office hours: April 3 from 4:45-7 pm
  • Monday, April 17- School Board Meeting @ 7pm

**Please remember that only clear water bottles are permitted in classrooms.**

WRVMS is working on an academic reward as we look at ahead toward the end of the school year with plans to announce our choice of rewards for students. We want to reward as many students as possible so keep up the good work and earn the right to participate in the next event. It will be worth it.

Textbook fees

Please take a look at Harmony for the 22-23 book fees. We depend on these fees to pay for our electronic devices, curricular materials, and classroom supplies. Also, broken iPads are repaired and must be paid for before they are given back to the student. Payment plans are accepted as we work with families to get the repairs taken care of.

National Honor Society

The WRVMS Honor Society held a drive last week to collect supplies and money for the Greene County Humane Society. The students were able to collect $175 to donate to them plus several boxes of needed items. Mrs. York's class won the supply drive class competition and will get an ice cream sandwich party on Thursday. The Honor Society members went to help out at the Humane Society on Monday, March 20. They helped with stocking supplies, walking dogs, cleaning up around the yard and building, and more. Thanks to all who donated to help this cause!
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5th & 6th Grade Mini Economy Auction

Thank you to all the staff and students who donated items for the Mini Economy Auction.
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Help Wanted at WRVMS - Substitute Teachers

If you would be interested in being a substitute teacher, please contact the MS and we will share more information.

Worthington Public Library

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WRV INC Easter Egg Hunt

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Breakfast & Lunch Menu

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A Note From Nurse Kennett

If your student tests positive for covid, the student must stay out of school for 5 days from the start of symptoms and then wear a mask for 5 days after returning. If a student is a close contact to a person diagnosed with covid, they may continue to come to school unless they become symptomatic.

Important Information

Please remember that our after school tutoring program is up and running Monday through Thursday each week. We provide transportation between schools with the bus leaving the middle school at 5:15pm. We will make a stop at the high school at approximately 5:25, a stop at the elementary at 5:40, and then back to the middle school with any elementary students who need a ride to Switz City or Lyons.

Teachers are setting up classroom communication for students. Please check with your students teacher for more information.

Ms. Morguson and Ms. Wiseman have sent a website to help communicate information and I wanted to attach the link to establish communication with you. https://sites.google.com/wrv.k12.in.us/wrv-5th-grade/home

Ms. Harris would like to share her website for the 7th and 8th grade English students. Please see the parent info tab to complete a form and to read important information about the class. Another nice way to connect school to home. http://www.msharris.me/

Mrs. Allen's website for the 7th and 8th grade Science classes. https://sites.google.com/wrv.k12.in.us/mrsallen/home

Mr. Hays has shared his remind code for parents to join. https://www.remind.com/join/mrhays6th

Parents: Please make sure to let us know of any changes in information so communication is not interrupted. We want to make sure we have all of the correct emails, phone numbers, and emergency contacts. This can be done through your login in Harmony or by calling the office to make this update. Thank you.

***We are updating records for all students. Please send your address verification with your student or email a copy to chostetter@wrv.k12.in.us. This can be a utility bill, water bill, or other mail correspondence. Bank statements work, but please do not include financial information as a part of this proof of residence. Thank you in advance.***

Reminder on Attendance


We have a few students who are at or are approaching the 6 day maximum for excused absences. See below for the definitions of absences.

-17). EXCUSED - Parent must notify school of the student’s absence.

These absences are counted toward the accumulation per year. Students will be allowed to make up all work and receive full credit for the work. Examples include: Staying home sick without a doctor’s visit and pre-arranged absences. If a student reaches six (6) excused absences in one year, additional absences that year will be unexcused without a doctor's excuse.

UNEXCUSED - These absences are counted toward the accumulation per year.

Students will not receive credit for work missed during an unexcused absence. Examples include:

1. Being truant from school - each class missed because of truancy will count toward the six-day absence quota per year.

2. Being late to class twenty (20) or more minutes, but upon review of the principal or designee, it can be changed or excused.

3. Returning to school without a note or call from the parent/guardian.

4. Students who bring forged notes will have their absence(s) unexcused and will be given two (2) days Alternative to Suspension.

If a student reaches ten (10) unexcused absences in one school year a report will be made to Child Protective Services and the Greene County Prosecutor.

Parents will receive notification of absence following the fourth unexcused absence per year. At 10 day non-certified

absences in one school year parents will be notified that the report will be made.


Please take a minute to view the short video regarding bus stops that was provided to me from our State Transportation Director, Mike LaRocco. Please be aware and stop for buses as we transport our most precious cargo.


Please take a look below for plans regarding our shuttle bus system for those who are not riding a bus from a regular route location. We are planning to make the usual designated stops in Worthington, WRV High School, and Lyons. If you are unsure where the designated stops are in Lyons and Worthington please call WRV Middle School to ask for these locations(these are the same stops we made in each town as last year and are described in the document below).

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