he can throw 1,ooo,ooo touchdowns


Bret Favre was born in Gulf port Mississippi.He was the best player for the golden eagles.Bret Favre was in a life threatening car accented right before his big game.he was against the badgers.


Bret Favre is the best QB in the NFL.Because he has made the most passing yards.And he had the most wins as a QB.And he retired his Jersey in the packers hall of fame.

how he got in to his sport

Bret Favre got in to his sport by watching football with his dad. Then his dad forced him to play high school and college football. That is when he started in the NFL.

who is bret favre

Bret Favre was born on oct 10,[1969].And he is #4 for the packers.He is one of the biggest popularitys in the NFL.

extra tibits

Brett Favre has 2 children.He's play'd for 19 years.He's also played for the vikings,jets and falcons.
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Top 10 Brett Favre Moments as a Packer
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