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Submerge Storytelling - 5th Grade

Submerge Storytelling is an educational program which uses a unique and highly motivating approach to teach literacy, critical thinking and life skills. Cory, the presenter, transformed a classroom into the setting of a story about Trevor a 10-year-old secret agent. Students participated in this week long interactive workshop in which they explored the realm of Trevor's bedroom to draw conclusions about the story. Through collaborative investigation and analysis, students supported their theories about the characters, plot and theme of the story with direct evidence found in Trevor's room. It was exciting to watch the fifth graders immerse themselves in the story and crack the case. A special note of appreciation to the PTA for making this program possible through their support.

Making Story Telling Come to Life - 4th Grade

The Submerged Storytelling also presented a workshop for our fourth graders. The fourth graders were in for a treat when they had an opportunity to work with Mr. Cory on the magic behind storytelling. From the outset, students heard the presenter tell two versions of the same story. He asked them which story was told better and why? This inquiry connects right back to Writer’s Workshop where fourth graders have been learning about integrating problems, mounting tension, tiny actions, setting details and dialogue. Our writers had a chance to witness storytelling come to life, as Mr. L asked them to study his use of voice, movement, and loading up of details as he moved into telling a second story.

Safety Week 2017

Denton Avenue visited the Garden City Park Engine 154 Firehouse. Students in kindergarten and first grade were able to visit with firefighters in the firehouse. Children learned about fire safety by participating in a presentation on: Fire Prevention, What to do in Case of a Fire, and Firefighters are Community Helpers.

We would like to thank the Garden City Park firefighters for their commitment to the safety and well-being of the Denton community. Visiting a fire station can be a very educational and rewarding experience. Children were able to view equipment, talk to firefighters and have a great time.

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Picture Day 2017!

UNITY DAY - Denton Rocks Kindness

Denton Avenue students, teachers and staff joined schools across the country to send a message of kindness, respect and unity against bullying. Using the Principal Book of the Month, Only one You by Linda Kranz, students created beautiful works of "rock" art with written quotes and inspirational messages of kindness, hope and acceptance. On October 25th, Denton Avenue celebrated Unity Day by gathering outdoors as a school to share a mindful reflection on compassion and respect. Sitting in a large circle to symbolize our unity, students passed the rocks to one another reflecting on the messages inscribed on each one. The rocks will be planted in our courtyard garden and become a permanent display for all of us to appreciate and to reflect on the heartfelt messages inscribed on them. A special thank you to Mrs. Monda and the PTA volunteers for their help with our rock project.

Unity Day Celebration: October 25, 2017

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one child, one word, one rock-Kindness!

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Pumpkin Decorating Contest Winners

Halloween Secret Reader

Halloween Day the children eagerly await the Secret Reader celebration organized by our school librarian, Mrs. Deodato, and Denton PARP (Parents as Reading Partners) Committee. Parent volunteers dressed in imaginative costumes transforming themselves into characters from some of the children's favorite books. The parents paid surprise visits to the classrooms and read an exciting book to the children. Students were really surprised and thrilled to discover the identity of their secret reader. Mr. Fratto, Director of World Languages and Language Immersion, surprised Mrs. Niles' 3rd grade class in the library. After their story time, children were able to enjoy snacks donated by their secret reader. Dr. Celano, Superintendent of Schools, surprised Mrs. Kaye's 4th grade class and they all enjoyed a good book. It was a great celebration of Halloween and Literacy!

Capture the Pumpkin!

Capture the Pumpkins, is a fun-filled outdoor physical education competition. This is a wonderful tradition that the students look forward to each October. Our physical education teachers, Mr. Lesak and Mrs. Masterson, organize this friendly competition to help students build teamwork, be fit and have FUN! The entire school is divided into 2 teams - Orange and Black - that work together to earn points. This year the total points for each team are: Orange 814,389 and Black 809,222. The students are already looking forward to next year's competition!

November Principal Book of the Month

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This book presents Auggie, the main character in Wonders from R.J. Palacio's award- winning novel for middle-grade students, to younger readers. We are All Wonders, may be Auggie's story, but it taps into every child's desire to be accepted for who they truly are. This sensitive story will help teachers and parents to open a conversation with children about empathy and kindness. Thank you to the PTA for their support of the Principal's Book of the Month.


What is a Growth Mindset and why is it important?

Please join us for the Principal's Coffee on Wednesday, November 15th at 9:15 a.m. in the Small APR for a presentation and conversation about Growth Mindset and why this is important for children as life-long learners.