New York

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The Best Leaders in the World

Peter Minuit, he brought the Manhattan Island from the Indians in 1626. The Dutch West India Company made him the director general of the new land.

Killian van Rensselaer, he was given a large amount of land by the Dutch West Indian Company

Job Opportunities/Industry

We have plenty of opportunities such as mining coal and iron ore. There are also opportunities Wheat Farming and Forestry.

Some of our top jobs

Promise of religious freedom


In New York we welcome every religion. We never discriminate, who wants to serve is who you will serve

The best quality of life


We have the best quality in New York. Your children will be going to the highest leveled school in all the colonies. We have the best live stock, food is always plentiful. We also have the best climate for farming. No colony can live up to our standards.

Come join us

We would love to have you in our colony. We are the best in the new world. Why go to a lesser colony when you could be with us.