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News You Can Use - May/June 2019

Important Dates

May 29: Academic Awards Night @ 5:30pm

Senior Honors & Scholarship Night @ 6:30pm

Seniors Last Day

May 30: Graduation Practice & Victory Walk

June 2: Graduation @ 1:00pm

June 7: Last Day of School

RVC Clinton Top 10 of 2019

An Academic Honors Program for the RVC is held at Edgerton High School annually, which recognizes the top 10 academic students from each of its graduating classes. Congratulations Clinton Students!

Pictured below from left to right, front row: Dr. Brewer, Erin Bauer, Makayla Leske, Charlotte Mueller, Kendyl Bagley, Mrs. Gile

Left to right, back row: Noah Schultz, Jackson Nelson, Cora Laatz, Jordan Decker, Brenna Mullooly, Kallie Inman, Mr. Spiwak

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PBIS Students & Staff of the Month

Department & Extracurricular Information


Plant Science - Students finished up a successful year in the greenhouse by having an incredible plant sale! Thank you to everyone in the community that came out to support the students! They are finishing up the year analyzing plant functions and trying to increase growth rate and yield by experimenting with different fertilizers.

Veterinary Science - Vet. science students continue to be busy practicing their skills every day! They are wrapping up the bandaging unit and making their way to practicing different sutures!

Animal Evaluation - Students in animal evaluation are wrapping up a unit on developing feed rations based on an animal’s stage of life. Students applied a lot of math during this unit! To wrap up the school year students will be learning how to judge market hogs and analyzing meat quality!

Biotechnology - These students are exploring the world of alternative fuels by learning about the entire life cycle of different fuels. In analyzing these environmental impacts we apply our new knowledge to increasing efficiency in biofuels!


Art Evening with Art was a big success. Congratulations to all students that participated and or performed at. We also had a community art display this year and we hope this area continues to grow yearly. Keep in mind our 27th annual Evening with Art will be May 2, 2020! Save the date!


The end of the school year is busy for the choir department. The Concert Choir will be performing at Great America on May 10 for the Music In The Park Festival, the Blenders performed for the School Board on May 1st, the CYC Out! And the Blenders will perform at the Mad City A Cappella Summit on May 3rd in Oregon Wisconsin and at Evening With the Arts on May 4th. The last concert of the year is May 28 at 6:00 pm on the CMS stage.

Auditions for Mama Mia will be on May 29 at 6:00 pm on the CMS stage! Information is posted online. Click here for audition info!

Business & Marketing

We are very excited to offer MOS Certification this year! Through the Imagine Academy, students in Computer Applications have the opportunity to take a qualification test at Blackhawk Technical College in the next couple weeks. The Microsoft Office Specialist Certification lets employers know that an individual has learned advanced skills in a Microsoft Office application. It is a sought after skill in this 21st Century workforce. 6 students will be taking the test for Microsoft Word. We wish them good luck!!

The new addition of Spirit Box Vending to our Cougar Cave Enterprise has been going tremendously well. Students are learning a lot about 24/7 vending services through academic seminars with Mrs. Shoemaker and our monthly conference calls with Spirit Box. This past month we submitted a picture of Clint for a photo contest and won by most popular vote. If you have not checked out our new vending machine in the high school we highly recommend you do. In it you will find a variety of healthy snacks, convenience items, and spirit items. We also expanded the offerings in our Middle School vending service. In a partnership with to the Middle School Health and Wellness team, our DECA Gives Back initiative is helping to provide healthy snacks in classrooms by splitting the vending profits.

Students in Business and Marketing classes, as well as DECA helped deliver “Brody’s Flowers” to local nursing homes for Mother’s Day! When Brody Austin was in 8th grade he raised money to purchase flowers for women in nursing homes. Sadly Brody’s life was lost in an accident when he was 19. His family has decided to start this mission in memory of his generous heart. Our students were glad to help deliver.


  • English 9 is finishing the Middle East unit by reading Pride of Baghdad and Persepolis. Both of these graphic novels are about life in the Middle East. Students will present on the themes of brutality and unnecessary violence and a person’s past affecting his/her future choices. Students are still improving their grammar skills by working on semicolons, introductory phrases, and run on sentences. When they get a purple paper, the know they will be working on grammar. We will also start working on connotative and literal meaning when it comes to phrases and words. For example, if I said that students love when they get to practice grammar, the literal meaning is that they enjoy learning grammar. The connotative meaning would be the underlying statement behind the words, (which is that students groan and don’t necessarily love learning about grammar).

  • English 10 has wrapped up their research project and is starting to write a Short Story. We will be focusing on characterization, point of view and plot. Students are also ending their year with a poetry unit! Kids will be looking at Poems from different cultures and analyzing them for different literary terms and deeper meaning. We will discuss how different cultures can shape our view of the world and create different experiences. We are also reviewing all of the grammar skills for the year including phrases, semicolons, colons, commas, and parallel structure.

  • English 11 Students are beginning their literature discussions for their thematic novels. They each have a leader duty that changes each week in which they bring different elements and outside connections to enhance their novel discussions. They end their 30-40 minute discussion with a visual representation of their discussion. These students are making strong connections in the text as well as outside the classroom!

  • English 12 I’m Mr. Mitchell, a student from the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater, and I have been doing part of my Student Teaching in English 12 this semester. Students are finishing up the year by working with either The Perks of Being a Wallflower or Deadline, their choice. They will be practicing communication skills with weekly journals, group discussions, and a summative speech on the book they chose to help the students be prepared for their quickly approaching life after high school. The students will also be completing one last round of vocabulary words and reviewing the grammar they’ve learned throughout the year.

  • Speech Students are wrapping up the end of the year with a few different speeches: the informative speeches--both expository and process, and a special occasion speech. The informative expository speech will give students the ability to inform an audience of a topic while utilizing a PowerPoint effectively--meaning, NOT relying on the PowerPoint but using it to enhance the information they are presenting. The expository speech is the last researched speech students will complete this year. The process and special occasion speech will highlight students’ effective nonverbal delivery in the speaking process.


The Foods 2 students fished up their Global Foods unit making meals from Italy, Norway, France, and Australia. This week they redid a lab from Foods 1, Stir Fry, because of multiple requests. We will be doing a Mexico lab and other labs to use up ingredients before the end of the school year.

Assistant Child Care Teacher students are finishing up and doing observations in the 4K classrooms of Mrs. Anastasi and Mrs. Henthorn at the elementary school. These students will receive a certificate for working at a daycare.


FFA is in a marathon toward the end of the school year! The FFA members teamed up with Delavan-Darien FFA to host hundreds of 4th graders on a farm field trip on May 3rd. FFA members taught the students from around the area about everything from pigs and sheep to dairy products and manure management. The weekend of May 3rd we had our FFA plant sale open for business! The students did an outstanding job marketing and selling the plants throughout the weekend! The students will sell the last of the items at our Culver’s Thank You Farmers Event on Thursday, May 9th. This is an annual event at the Beloit Culver’s where FFA members share their agricultural knowledge with the urban community. Students will have tractors, animals, trivia games, and a variety of other activities that families can come out to enjoy from 2pm-8pm on Thursday, May 9th! We will wrap up our year with our banquet on Wednesday, May 22nd beginning at 6pm in the high school commons. We then gear up for a busy summer that includes State Convention, officer retreat, county fair, and state fair! We hope to see you all at many of these exciting summer events!


Book Club was held in the LMC on Tuesday, April 16th. We discussed the book The Poet X, by Elizabeth Acevedo. The book is written in verse and is about a young girl in Harlem that finds her voice through slam poetry. The group expressed their opinions and had fun chatting over fresh fruit and hummus with crackers. Visit our Wakelet page at to learn more about CHS Book Club

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AP Calculus students are preparing for the AP Calculus AB test on May 14th. After the test, they will be using data to model real-life situations and apply calculus to those situations.

Precalculus students will be entering into the trigonometry realm and study the significance of the law of sines and law of cosines. They will also be applying their trigonometry to real-life surveying situations.

Algebra 2 students are finishing up their unit on modeling with functions such as exponential, logarithmic, quadratic, linear and sinusoidal.

Geometry students are finishing up their learning on circles and then will be discussing 3D figures and how to find their volume.

Algebra students are factoring, graphing, and solving quadratic equations.

Phy Ed / Health

Physical education will be wrapping up the fitness testing and ending the school year with softball. Although many people assume that softball was derived from baseball, the sport’s first game actually came about because of a football game. The history of softball dates back to Thanksgiving Day of 1887, when several alumni sat in the Chicago, Illinois Farragut Boat Club, anxiously awaiting the outcome of the Yale versus Harvard football game. When Yale was announced as winner, a Yale alumnus playfully threw a boxing glove at a Harvard supporter. The Harvard fan swung at the balled-up glove with a stick, and the rest of the group looked on with interest. George Hancock, a reporter for the Chicago Board of Trade, jokingly called out, “Play ball!” and the first softball game commenced with the football fans using the boxing glove as a ball and a broom handle in place of a bat.

School Counseling

The school year is officially wrapping up! The month of May is all about AP testing and Scholarship Night. We have 45 students taking AP tests this year, which is really inspiring to see. A select few are even brave enough to take multiple tests! A reminder that AP tests all cost $94 and are due no later than the day of the test. Students will not be able to take their AP test unless they have paid for it. If students have decided that they do not want to take their AP test, that is their decision, but a reimbursement to the school of $15 will be required.

Scholarship Night is May 29th at 6:30pm at CHS. The program will be giving recognition to underclassmen and seniors for their high academic success. Make sure to stay after for a delicious treat courtesy of the Clinton Education Foundation. We hope to see you there!


Anatomy students traveled to Marquette University on May 1, 2019. Students attended a Neuroscience Lecture by Dr. Choi. The lecture was interesting providing review of Nervous System, current research in Neuroscience, and application of discoveries in the treatment of Parkinson's disease and quadriplegics. Brenna and Molly volunteered for a demonstration and we watched as Brenna’s muscle activity was amplified into sound waves and as Brenna’s muscle contraction caused muscle twitches in Molly’s hands.

Then we went to Dr. Klockow for “Outbreak! A Case Study”. Students worked with college students to gain insight on disease transmission. Students learned about diseases through case study analysis, disease transfer in a contact activity, and small group discussion about historical disease outbreaks. Students also discussed the importance of personal hygiene, vaccinations, medical intervention, and quarantine in the prevention of the spread of disease. The lecture was very timely with the current measles outbreak.

The final activity was our the Gross Anatomy Lab. Prior to the Cadaver Lab tour Dr. Novotny spoke about the importance of body donation for the sole purpose of medical science and education. Pre-med students shared their knowledge of the human body. It was amazing. We were able to see the difference between healthy brains and those with tumors, Alzheimer’s, and stroke. We saw a person that had a kidney transplant-so they had 3 instead of 2. We we able to hold a heart, brain, and lungs. We we able to identify the muscles of the arm and legs. We saw the effects of arthritis on the body. The internal anatomy was so interesting to see. We were able to feel the difference between an artery, vein and nerve. This was a once in a lifetime experience for many students. Most students do not have this opportunity until medical school.

Social Studies

Psych - Students are finishing out the year by looking at how they sense and perceive the world around them and how changes to those systems can lead to abnormal psychological developments.

World History - AP students are working diligently on creating shower curtain reviews for the AP test - the amount of painstaking care and detailed planning by all the students is truly impressive! They’ll see the fruits of their labor on the AP test for sure!

- Other world classes are delving into the modern world in a whirlwind tour of the 20th century starting with brief stops in WWI, WWII, and the Cold War before spending the final weeks on the ideas and practices of Globalization.

Global Studies Honors - Students have moved into their final unit - Asia beginning with China. They will live through the Tiananmen Square and the jungles of Vietnam through some simulations along with exploring the modern world with topics like megacities and cyberwarfare.

Work Based Learning

Three Clinton High School students along with a few of our Middle School ladies attended the 3rd Annual Today’s Dreamers, Tomorrow’s Leaders event featuring speaker Rebecca Dallet of the Wisconsin Supreme Court. This is the second year most of our girls got to participate in this great event. The girls enjoyed sitting at tables with a variety of local successful businesswomen. Prior to the event they participated in career and etiquette lessons, including an etiquette luncheon. They were able to show off all the things they learned in their career and etiquette lessons. The events goal is to inspire young ladies to embrace their futures. Thank you to CareerTek and Stateline Boys and Girls for inviting us to this great event. We can’t wait to attend again next year!

Jordyn Waite had the opportunity to speak live on WCLO this past month. Jordyn spoke about becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant and opportunities available to students at CareerTek. While there she also enjoyed learning about the radio industry and how it works.

Freshmen and Sophomores are required to complete 30 hours of unpaid volunteer work by the time they graduate. Community members often ask our students for help. A running list of volunteer opportunities in the community is listed on the Work-Based Learning website. The verification form is also listed on the website. Check back often for updates.


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