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Huddle Up!

New Year -New Strategies!

Most of you know my son is a wrestler. I spend a lot of time watching my son and his wrestling coaches interact with each other. They huddle up for short conversations during the matches. The small adjustments my son makes during his matches have major impacts on the outcome . Recently, he took second place in a tournament based on one minor adjustment in his strategy. That's what I hope this newsletter will do for our students- small but powerful adjustments in our strategies. This week I am posting a 5 min. video that can help make a difference time on task, vocabulary, and content knowledge. Let me know how it works for you!

Morning Meeting Activity

Frog – Sitting in a circle , the first person says 1 FROG , the second person says: 2 EYES , The third person says: 4 LEGS, the fourth person says: IN THE PUDDLE, the fifth person says: KER-PLOP. See how many frogs you can get into the puddle without mistakes. (The child who says Ker-plop hops to the middle of the circle.)

Challenge the students to create another chant for a different animal.

  1. You can play this campfire game to the beat of claps for more fun.
  2. If someone makes a mistake everyone shouts “FROG” and he or she is OUT and the rest continue until there is an ultimate winner!

Fabulous Math Site

Scroll to the bottom for a collection of I Have Who Has Cards for K-4.

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