Harry Truman

Tori Brown

Biography Of Harry Truman

Harry Truman was born in Lamar, Missouri on May 8th, 1884. From the year 1905 and 1911 Harry Truman served in the Missouri national guard. When the United States went into the World War 1, he helped them by creating the 2nd field Artillery. In the year 1922 to be one of the three judges of the Jackson County Court. In the year 1934 he was elected to the united state senate were he helped to pass several acts , such as the Transportation act of 1940. In July of 1944 Harry Truman was nominated to run for vice president, with along side of him president Franklin D Roosevelt. But after Franklin's surprising death, he was sworn in as the next president. He helped in the war in many ways, such as helping so that Japan would surrender in World War 1. Harry Truman died on December 26th 1972.


  • Harry Truman was an amazing student, but his parents could not afford for him to go to college.
  • Harry Truman had no middle name, his parents just gave him the initial S.
  • Harry Truman dies at the age of 88 during his second term in presidency.
  • Harry Truman was a musician and loved instruments.
  • His poor eyesight prevented him from playing sports.
  • Truman was in the army for a while and was captain before he quit and got into politics and soon married his wife.

Harry Truman

Harry Truman was involved in world war 1 as being the 33 President of the United States and part of World War II, and helping us to get through the war, and helping create different acts to help the united states. As well as helping bomb different countries that were in war with us, such as bombing Japan, and Japan surrendering.