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The Outsiders

The outsiders is about a local gang called the greasers, known for their greasy hair. They are always being beat on by another local gang called the Socs. The difference between the two are that the greasers come from bad neighborhoods and the Socs are from the richest neighborhoods.

Song #1: Live While We're Young by One Direction

This explains part of the story because one of the themes is live in the moment. The first line in the chorus "Let's go crazy, crazy, crazy, 'til we see the sun" reminds me of how in the 2nd chapter Dally, Johnny, and Ponyboy went to the drive in movie theater. The next line was a sort-of pun to Dally's behavior to Monica and Sherri/Cherry. "I know we only met, but let's pretend it's love" It seemed by this chapter that Dally flirted with any girl who was on her own or with a friend. " I had a sick feeling that Dally was up to his usual tricks, and I was right" (Hinton 20).

One Direction - Live While We're Young

Song #2: Youth of a Nation by P.O.D

From the first line of music to the final one this describes the 4th chapter beautifully. "Last day of the rest of my life, I wish I would have known 'cause I'd have kissed my Momma goodbye, I didn't tell her that I loved her or how much I cared or thank my, Pops for all the talks and all the wisdom he shared" You could replace Pop and Momma with Darry and Sodapop. It would tie into the 4th chapter. The line Youth of a Nation goes to the whole greaser gang because as we are now the troubles we create now are our future." Johnny boy always played the fool, He broke all the rules so you would think he was cool, He was never really one of the guys, No matter how hard he tried, With the thought of suicide." It even includes Johnny's name in the song. In mind the word suicide to Johnny's role in the 4th chapter is like what Miss McGovern said: Once you break the law and get convicted your chances to succeed in life have gone way down (paraphrasing since I can't exactly remember)
Youth Of The Nation (Video shot to Album Version Audio)

Song #3: Other side by The Red Hot Chili Peppers

This song is a remembrance to how Ponyboy felt when he was in the church. "For a second I didn't know where I was. You know how it is, when you wake up in a strange place and wonder where in the world you are, until memory comes rushing over you like a wave" (Hinton 68). That quote represents the 3rd and 4th line of the chorus in the song "Stranger things could never change my mind, I've got to take it to the otherside". Also the name of the band is like Sherri/Cherry with her red hair. "My name's Sherri, but I'm called Cherry because of my hair. Cherry Valance" (Hinton 22). Being away from his home, his brothers, all his friends except for Johnny made him feel alone.
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Otherside [Official Music Video]

Song #4: Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

This represents Johnny's feelings after he killed Bob. "Mama, just killed a man, Put a gun to his head, Pulled the trigger, now he's dead, Mama, life had just begun, But now I've gone and thrown it all away" Even though he killed Bob with a knife not a gun. It also explains Johnny's breakdown in chapter 5 the first night they spent in the church. "Shut up about last night! I killed a kid last night. He couldn't of been over seventeen or eighteen, and I killed him. How'd you like to live like that?" (Hinton 74). The first 4 lines of the song comments on how Johnny must have been feeling and thing. "Is this real life?, Is this just fantasy?, Caught in a landslide, No escape from reality". In the song it keeps including the word mama and that is significant because in chapter 6 Johnny questions Dally about any word from his parents, in hopes of seeing any worry. "My parents, Johnny asked doggedly, did they ask about me? No, snapped Dally, they didn't. Blast it, Johnny, what do they matter?" (Hinton 88). Another reference from the story is 3 lines of the song: "I'm just a poor boy and nobody loves me, He's just a poor boy from a poor family, Spare him his life from this monstrosity." This is a reminder that Johnny is poor, that Johnny's dad beats him and his mother does nothing to help him.
Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody (Official Video)

Fake Your Death by My Chemical Romance

This song is a good representation to the end of chapter 7 when Ponyboy was talking to Randy the Soc. "I choose defeat, I walk away, And leave this place, The same today, Some like to sleep, We like to play, Just look at all this pain." Randy seemed fed up with the feud the two gangs were having and resented the rumble that was going to take place that night. "And tonight... people get hurt in rumbles, maybe killed. I'm sick of it because it doesn't do any good. You can't win, you know that, don't you? And when I remained silent he went on: You can'y win, even if you whip us. You'll still be where you were before-at the bottom.And we'll still be the lucky ones with all the breaks. So it doesn't do any good, the fighting and the killing. It doesn't prove a thing. We'll forget it if you win, or if you don't. Greasers will still be greasers and Socs will still be Socs. Sometimes I think it's the ones in the middle that are really lucky stiffs... He took a deep breath. So I's fight if I thought it'd do any good. I think I'm going to leave town. Take my little old Mustang and all the dough I can carry and get out" (Hinton 117). The final lines are like the lines in the song. "But why'd we have to stay?, 'Cause even heroes, Scared to bruise, Or any misery you choose."
Fake Your Death - My Chemical Romance [Lyrics]

Song #6 (bonus): You've got a friend in me by Randy Newman

This is another song describing the gang's tight friendship. The line from the song "And as the years go by, our friendship will never die" is a reminder to the life of Ponyboy after the night both Dally and Johnny died. "I sat down and picked up my pen and thought for a minute. Remembering. Remembering a handsome, dark boy with a reckless grin and a hot temper. A tough, tow-headed boy with a cigarette in his mouth and a bitter grin on his hard face. Remembering-and this time it didn't hurt-a quiet, defeated-looking sixteen year old whose hair needed cutting badly and who had black eyes with a frightened expression to them" (Hinton 179-180). The line "you've got a friend in me" somewhat explains what is happening to Pony. Even though Dally and Johnny are gone forever it doesn't mean they'll never stop being friends.
Toy Story - You've got a friend in me - lyrics