Take drugs, be walked on like rugs!

Is it really worth it, to be walked on like carpets?


When you take steroids it really just makes you weaker. when you take steroids its very easy to rip muscles.


Alcohol is a depressant, it causes confusion, lowered heart rate , slurred speech, relaxed muscles and poor concentration.


Crack speeds up your heart rate and makes you jittery, shaky, paranoid. it is considered as a stimulant .


Highly addictive; feelings of a "rush" and then drowsiness leads to blood clots, organ failure and numerous diseases.


Marijuana is a stimulant , also known a "uppers". It causes the heart rate to increase and breathing to quicken.

Paint thinner, cleaning fluid, gasoline, cooking sprays.

It is an inhalant and it acts like a depressant , it is known as "whippets" it causes slurred speech, dizziness nausea/vomiting,brain damage, and loss of consciousness.
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