Khantly Russia

By: Lauryn R and Carly T

Geography and History

Khanty Russia there are many lakes, for one example Lake Numto. In the picture below is the lake. The people of Khanty Russia they had tents called "chum tents" The chum is pronounced "choom." Theses where used northwestern Siberia of Russia. The weather was mostly snowy and cold, snow storms surprisingly barely happen mysterious and minuscule structures tiny, coil-shaped. Some scientists say the coil is from 300,000 years ago.


There was a lot of different beliefs but the main was orthodox Christians. They believed in an early Christmas, Shaman, and reincarnation. A Shaman is a person regarded as having access to, and influence in, the world of good and evil spirits, especially among some peoples of northern Asia and North America. Typically such people enter a trance state during a ritual, and practice divination and healing. Churches were built also. They had some council members. In Khanty two of their most popular, and well used languages are Khanty language and Mansi language they are both apart of the Ugric branch of the “Finno-Ugric languages.

Economy and Government

Khanty is developing rapidly and successfully. Many buildings have evolved and have turned into big successes. Including the Crystal Skyscraper, it is one of the largest buildings in Russia.It gives their economics great importance. The religions that are being practiced in Russia today are Muslims, Orthodox, Christians, Slavic Native faith, and spiritual but not religious. And other religions that do not give an answer to their records. In Khanty sisters, meaning a large variety of female offspring's were preferred. The old tradition of Khanty wives would consider both gifts. If they left their husband and went back to mom and dad.