United States

Banking Industry

1791 Bank of the US

Establishment of the bank was included in a three-part expansion.

1816 Second Bank of the U.S.

Chartered by President James Madison and began operations at its main branch in philaelphia.

Civil War(printing currency)

1863 National Banking Act

encouraged development of a national currency back by bank holdings of US treasury.

1913 Federal Act Reserve

created a system of a private and public entitles there were to be at least 8, and no more than 12, private regional Federal Reserve Banks.

1930 Great Depression

The devastating collapse of the US Stock Market Crash of October 29,1929

1932 Glass Steagall Banking Act

Refers to four provision of the US Banking Act of 1933 that limited commercial bank securities activities

1970 Bank Secrecy Act

requires financial institutions in the United States to assist US government agencies

1982 Crisis

Took place during the Chilean Military dictatorship

1999 Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act

Removing barriers in the market