Espanol y El Cerebro

Malachi Christiaens

Key Leaning Period

It is shown that if you were to learn a new language it is the best to learn between the ages of 2 and the time you hit puberty. It is also best to have a background language as well.

Things that Help you Succeed

To help you succeed you will need motivation, encouragement, environment. Environment is big one because if you are placed in a place were the language is spoken you may grow accustom to it. That intern would make it easier to learn a second language.

Skills in Languages

When you speak one language and you want to learn another you have some advantages. If you have certain skill sets in you first language such as sounds pronunciation and things like that then they can be transferred to the second language. When you are younger you have another advantage being that your brain is still developing and is more venerable to things to be taught and learned. another thing that may help you is your personality if you are a happy learner than that's good but not so much for a mopey buzz kill.