Registered Nurse

By: Kimberly

What a registered nurse does and why I chose that field

-What a person in this career does:
Registered nurses provide patient care, educate patients about various health conditions, and provide advice and emotional support to patients . They also give assistance to the main doctor.
-Why you chose this career:
I chose this career because I enjoy helping people. Most of the reason though is love watching the show Greys Anatomy and seeing all the cool work the nurses do.

Something I found interesting about my career

They can help plastic surgeons in surgery by helping the doctor make an incision or handing him his tools.

Branch of Science

I think that my career falls under life science because it describes the miracle of life and working with living human beings.

Education and Experience

-Experience/Skills needed:
You need skill to be able to see gruesome sights and eerie and disgusting matter.

Associate's Degree