Anne Frank

Persecution jews and nazism

who is anne frank?

Anne Frank was born on 12 June 1929 in the German town of Frankfurt. Her father’s family had lived there for generations. Anne’s sister, Margot is three and a half years older. Hitler’s rise to power and growing anti-Semitism put an end to the family’s carefree life. Otto Frank and his wife Edith decide, just as many other German Jews, to leave Germany.

About anne's life?

By the fall of 1933, Otto Frank moved to Amsterdam, where he established a small but successful company that produced a gelling substance used to make jam. After staying behind in Germany with her grandmother in the city of Aachen, Anne joined her parents and sister Margot (1926-45) in the Dutch capital in February 1934. In 1935, Anne started school in Amsterdam and earned a reputation as an energetic, popular girl

how did hitler have an affect on anne franks life?

In May 1940, the Germans, who had entered ww2 in September of the year before, invaded the Netherlands and quickly made life increasingly restrictive and dangerous for Jewish people there. Between the summer of 1942 and September 1944, the Nazis and their Dutch collaborators deported more than 100,000 Jews in Holland to extermination camps. The family were subjected to the same rules as German Jews, namely Jewish children could only attend Jewish schools, they faced curfews, were not allowed to own a business and were forced to wear a yellow star. Otto transferred his shares in his company to a friend and resigned as director leaving the family with enough income to survive.

Anne Frank’s Family Goes into Hiding

In early July 1942, after Margot Frank received a letter ordering her to report to a work camp in Germany, Anne Frank’s family went into hiding in an attic apartment behind Otto Frank’s business, located at Prinsengracht 263 in Amsterdam. In an effort to avoid detection, the family left a false trail suggesting they’d fled to Switzerland.


June 12, 1929:
Anneliese Marie, or Anne, is born in Frankfurt, Germany.

Summer 1933:
Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany. The first anti-Jewish laws are established. The Franks decide that the family must move to the Netherlands.

May 10, 1940:
The German army invades the Netherlands.

June 12, 1942:
Anne receives a diary for her 13th birthday.

July 5, 1942:
Anne's older sister, Margot, receives a call-up notice to report for deportation to a forced-labor camp. The family goes into hiding the next day.

July 13, 1942:
The van Pels, another Jewish family originally from Germany, join the Franks in hiding.

November 16, 1942:
Fritz Pfeffer, the eighth and final resident of the Secret Annex, joins the Frank and van Pels families.

August 4, 1944:
The residents of the Secret Annex are betrayed and arrested. They are taken to a police station in Amsterdam and eventually to Westerbork transit camp.

September 3, 1944:
The eight prisoners are transported in a sealed cattle car to Auschwitz on the last transport ever to leave Westerbork. At Auschwitz, the men are separated from the women.

October 1944:
Anne, Margot, and Mrs. van Pels are transported to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. Edith Frank remains in the women's subcamp at Auschwitz-Birkenau.

January 6, 1945:
Edith Frank dies at Auschwitz-Birkenau.

January 27, 1945:
Otto Frank is liberated from Auschwitz by the Russian army. He is taken first to Odessa and then to France before he is allowed to make his way back to Amsterdam.

March 1945:
Anne and Margot Frank die at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp within days of each other.

June 3, 1945:
Otto Frank arrives in Amsterdam, where he is reunited with Miep and Jan Gies. He knows his wife has died, but he does not know that his daughters have died too. He still has hope.

October 24, 1945:
Otto Frank receives a letter informing him that his daughters died at Bergen-Belsen. Miep gives Anne's diary to Otto. She found and hid the diary after the Franks' arrest and had been hoping to return it to Anne.

Summer 1947:
The first 1,500 copies of Anne's diary are published in Amsterdam.