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Suriname has a very interesting culture. Most people speak Dutch, however Sranan Tongo is the most common language used for informal conversations. Unlike in North America, the families do not sit down for dinner together. Instead, each member of the family eats whenever they are hungry. Suriname’s flag represents the unity of their diverse population. The music types that are most common in Suriname are kaseko (salyplo+salsa+zouk), hindi-pop (east Indian+traditional creole), and sranan bubbling (reggae). Other arts found in Suriname include theater, sculpture, and painting.

The colors and star on the flag represent the nation having unity in the diverse population.


Suriname’s republic is very similar to the U.S.’s democracy. The president is the head of state and government. The fifty-one seat national assembly (DNA) is popularly elected. The DNA holds the responsibility of electing the nation’s president. Elections for president are held every five years. The voting age is eighteen. Many political parties consist of different ethnic groups. However, the membership is not exclusively limited. The president is currently Pres. Desi Bouterse. The capital of Suriname is Paramaribo.

The current President of Suriname is Desi Bouterse.

Survival List

1) Umbrella- 80% of Suriname is covered in tropical rainforests

2) HIking Boots- rain forests to hike in and lack of roads

3) Light Jacket- nights are slightly chilly unlike warm days

4) Moisturizing Sunscreen- half of the year is very dry and sunny

5) Camera- very interesting wild life and locations

6) Swim Suit- right off of the Atlantic Ocean (beaches)

7) Beach Towel- for the days at the beach

8) Musical Instrument- music is important to the culture

9) Men wear: T-shirts or button down shirts

10) Women wear: sleaveless tops, skirts, T-shirts, and button down shirts

Umbrellas are neeeded in Suriname. 80% of the nation is covered in rainforest.


Christopher Columbus saw what is now Suriname. In the 16th century Spaniards came to search for gold but couldn't find any. Latter on people, the first people came to Suriname to settle, these people were called the Amerindians because back then the English colonized Suriname in the early 17th century. Then the Dutch wanted to colonize Suriname, and Suriname became a self-governing Dutch territory in 1954. Suriname had two decades of a autonomy, then got full independence in 1975. When Suriname got full independence it had struggles like it fell behind in economic development. the people of Suriname were not happy with the government they had so they fought for what government they wanted. The people of Suriname got what they wanted and made a new government in 1980 with both the people and the military held power. Before the government was a socialist republic until 1987 when they made a new constitution. The ruler of the time (Bouterse ) allowed elections and return to the people rule.

More frequent history about Suriname is in1988 the prime minister was abolished. 2000 70% of inflammation raised. In May 2006 a huge and strong flood came to Suriname and left more than 20,000 homeless. In July 2007 there was arguing over the countries of Suriname and Guyana. in 2010 a Parliament the president of Suriname elected himself. Robert Ameerali was vice president ever since August 2010.

Chistopher Columbus was one of the first explorers of Suriname.

Ten things to do

1. Visit the Brownsberg Nature Park- It is Suriname's first and only national park.

2. Climb the Nassu Mountains- You can join a 560 meter up hill to see the beautiful view of Suriname at the top of the peak

3. See the White Beach- An artificial beach created on the Suriname River.

4. A trip down the Suriname River- Floating down beautiful river passing the rainforest.

5. Fort Zeelandia- Remains of Dutch settlers, but it was first a fort from the English.

6. Jodensauanna- Old Jewish site represents the Jewish people to the new world.

7. Brokopondo Lake- A calming lake area to relax.

8. Wegnaar Zee- A religious place where can learn about the Hindu religion.

9. Central Market- A good place to buy non-expensive goods, that are fresh.

10. Upper Suriname- Wild rapids making it look like an attraction in an amusement park.

This is the view you might see if you climb the Nassu Mountains.


Suriname has an interesting economy. The key resource for them is mining. The economy also consists of logging, food processing, along with oil drilling. Suriname has a richer life style of living than the neighboring countries do. Even though they have a better way of living, educated suriname people have to go to other countries to find work. While some people leave the country, others are employed by the Suriname goverment. The Suriname currency is the suriname dollar (srd). Suriname uses its many rivers to transport prducts throughout the country and internationally. They have many agricultural products, but rice is the major agricultural product. Metal processing is also important. All in all the economy of Suriname is unique.

This is the ten dollar bill in Suriname.

Current Events

Many things have been going on in the interesting country of Suriname. Recenty, the Islamic bank has lent 10 million dollars to Suriname for the improvement of technical, education, and training products. The country has newly opened an embassy in Banglore, India. This will allow indians to visit Suriname. China has recently started funding a new bridge connecting the countries of Guyana and Suriname. The new bridge will allow people to transport to the two diffrent countries. The islamic bank has also lended the Suriname people 60 million dollars for health improvement in the country. Recently, the Suriname president, Dési Bouterse's son has been arrested for apprently trying to provide terriost groups in the United States with materials. Many interesting things have happened in Suriname and will continue to happen.
This is Suriname's President,Desi Bouterse, son who has been arrested in the U.S for providing terriost groups with materials.

Famous People

  • Jules ajodhia= politician, served 1998-1990 justice minister, served Vice President twice

  • Bram Behr= journalist, led hoxhaist communist party

  • Harry kisoensingh = educator, chairman of the union of progressive Surinamese

  • Paul samahardjo= politician, June 6 2005 appointed speaker of National Assembly

  • Ram sardjoe= politician, 2005-10 Vice President, member progressive reform party

Suriname is home to many famous people. Jules Ajodhia is one of the many. He is a politician who served as justice minister form 1998-1990, he also served as vice president for two terms. Bram Behr is a Suriname journalist. He led the hoxhaist communist party. Harry Kisoensingh was a very important Suriname person. He is an educator, but also the chairman of the union of progressive Surinamese. Paul Samahardjo is also a politician. He was appointed as speaker of the National Assembly on June 6, 2005. Ram Sardjoe is also another politician, who served as vice president from 2005-10. Sardjoe is also a member of the progressive reform party. All in all, Suriname is home to many famous politicians and journlists.

Many famous people in Suriname are politicians.
The beautiful Suriname River.
One of the many waterfalls you might encounter if you explore one of the many rainforests.
This is Suriname's national flower, Faja Lobi.