E.H.H.S. Library Media Center

Fall 2018: Read. Explore. Repeat.

Library Orientation

Freshmen English classes participated in a BreakoutEDU at the beginning of the year to learn about their new library. Working in teams, students found given fiction and non-fiction books by using the OPAC. All classes successfully “broke in” by locating all their books (which held clues that unlocked the locks) while exercising the core values of perseverance, collaboration, and active learning!

Digital Citizenship

What does it mean to be a good digital citizen? The civics teachers and I incorporated this essential question into an early unit on citizenship, collaborating to emphasize not only making safe choices, but also ways to use digital tools to positively contribute to the community. Students will continue to develop their digital citizenship skills throughout the year as we learn strategies for searching for quality sources, analyzing information, and citing appropriately.


The makerspace offers students an opportunity to tinker, create, and explore. We have robots and a 3D printer as well as activities like origami. Students can even take apart dead electronics! Featured this month: a community puzzle. Stop by to put a few pieces together.

Big picture

New Books!

The EHHS LMC partnered with the East Hampton Public Library to put books in students’ hands! Working together, we were able to buy multiple copies of all ten Nutmeg Book Award nominees and circulate them among high school students starting back in June. Teenagers in Connecticut vote for their favorite Nutmeg nominee in April. For more information, go to https://www.nutmegaward.org/.


I was lucky enough to present with three colleagues at three statewide conferences in October! Kristen Keska and I presented about using BreakoutEDU at the CEA New Teacher Conference and at the CT Council for the Social Studies, where we also shared how the social studies department and I designed a dynamic research/ critical evaluation framework for our students. At the CT Association of School Librarians conference, Trish Seeley and I shared our collaborative Novel Engineering project and Cristin Flannery and I presented about our new media literacy course. These were all energizing opportunities to connect with colleagues from across Connecticut!