What is a flood?

A flood is rain that falls from the sky into the river and overflows the rivers. A flood is not good to plants because it rips them out of the ground. some can flood houses. Floods are detrimintal to the earth.

What causes floods?

When dry areas of land get so wet, they cant hold any more water. Also Storm surges are very bad. The waves can get up to 20 feet high. Heavy rain causes a flood because it floods the rivers and then thay flood the towns. so thats how a flood starts.

Different Floods

The different flood types are flash floods, coastal floods, urban flloods, river floods, and ponding. They all start whith heavy rain. they are different because some are fast and some are really long and slow.

Fast floods

  • flash floods
  • river floods

Slow floods

  • Coastal floods
  • Urban floods
  • ponding floods

Fast vs slow floods

Fast floods have its name because thay are really fast. It takes it a 2nd then its over. A slow flood really has its name because they usally take weaks or days.

Ohio river flood of 1937

The great flood of 1937 was the 2nd highest flood. It was 10 feet. It was a slow flood because it started to rain and flood the river and flood the town. Also it was a long time until the flood had diseperd so they had to stay inside whith no food or water.


The flood in Britain was the worst flood in the world. The wind speed was 100 mph and thay said that the winds could nock out power so thay would have to get ready with food and water. The water level was the highest ever met. About 5,800 houses where flooded during December. Farms and houses have ben under water since Janunary. Thay say its going to get worse. About 5,000 people lost there houses and famly.