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Week of September 18, 2016

Connecting the Dots

A school is a BUSY place and sometimes it can feel like we are going in a million directions. Our best work happens when the all the dots begin to connect and we can see how one piece of work effects and plays into another. I felt that way last week when I met with data teams! Our focus on our "heftiest" math standard will support us in looking at student growth and understanding over time. It will also give us a pulse on student problem solving and perseverance. It was impossible not to also see the connections to math RTI. The process we are laying out in math for data teams will help us easily spot students who are not making progress in core formative and summative assessment over time. In our conversations last week I heard several teams name and define the strategies they will use to directly teach or confer with students based on the data team formative. Some of those strategies will NATURALLY serve as Tier 2 intervention for students. I also saw dots connecting between our personalized learning tools and RTI through conversations about Liftoff paired with direct instruction/conferring to provide personalized, yet guided, learning and practice in a Tier 2 intervention. Continue to think about how to connect the dots in your math work with students to reach goals of confidence, growth and proficiency. Also, begin to think about how to mirror this process in ELA. I imagine when we get the dots connected the picture will be pretty nice! Thanks for your hard work.

Math Progression--Please View!

from Susan Dugle

Bindu shared the video below. It has a great explanation of the addition/subtraction progression with visuals. ALL of our elementary math teachers, coaches and principals need to see it this week as many of them are currently teaching a unit on counting, addition and subtraction. It is important for each teacher to understand the whole progression, not just their portion.


Southside Mastery Pins

Our students love their lanyards and at the end of this first quarter, we will have our first Pin Ceremony of the year. This year the math standard each team has chosen for data team will serve as the math "pin standard" for your grade level. Please talk with your grade level teammates to decide on you "pin standard" for ELA prior to our staff meeting on Tuesday!

Letter from MLCHS Football Coach, Jerry Lucas

Ms. Burkhardt,

Thank you so much for allowing our young people the opportunity to spend some time with your kids/school! It was a wonderful experience for them and myself! You have a beautiful school and it was evident from the moment I entered the building the tremendous culture you have created for your kids and the excitement that’s been built around school pride and learning! I was truly impressed with the entire experience! I could tell immediately that your staff cares about your school and kids and they have bought in to everything you are doing at Southside Elementary!

Thanks and have a great day!

Jerry Lucas

Physical Education Teacher / Head Football Coach

Martha Layne Collins High School

801 Discovery Blvd.

Shelbyville, Ky 40065

High Attendance Day is Tuesday!

from Santina Plottner

Tuesday, September 20 is High Attendance Day in Kentucky! Please remind your students on Monday that if they come to school on time (they cannot be tardy) and stay all day on Tuesday, they will receive a coupon for Free Choice Friday, where they can choose to wear pajamas or a hat to school on Friday Sept 23. Mrs. Plottner will place coupons in your mailboxes. You can choose if you would like to pass them out to students at the end of the day Tuesday or if you want to wait. There is a place on the coupon for the student to circle their choice and to turn it in to you on Friday. We will also announce the classes with 100% attendance (no tardies) on the announcements on Tuesday afternoon.

If you have questions, please let Mrs. Plottner know.

New Soccer Field @Southside

Last week Jamil Shalash, coach of boys soccer at Collins, stopped by to discuss lining a soccer field for our students out back by our playground. Jamil grew up in Honduras and shared stories with me of playing soccer in dirt and gravel. He later went on to play for University of Louisville. He was almost more excited about the new field for our kids as I was. Jamil and his son, Rahim lined the field for us this weekend. We have ordered goals for the field, but I have placed some cones inside of the recess door for students to mark goal areas until our real goals arrive. If your students would like to write a thank you note, just bring them to me, and I will get them to Mr. Shalash.

This Week at Southside

Monday, September 19

  • Data Team 1st Grade (11:30)

Tuesday, September 20

  • September FireDrill (10:15)
  • Tuesday Folders go home with students
  • Staff Meeting- Mandatory Training for State Testing
  • SSE Family Fitness Night (
  • SCPS Elementary Parent Academy @ Simpsonville 5:30-7:00

Wednesday, September 21

  • Santina Plottner's Birthday!
  • Dr. Neihof @ Southside (8:00)
  • TSI Lab in Erin Jump's Classroom (visitors from across the county)

Thursday, September 22

  • Data Teams (Mornar: K, K/1, 2, 5, Malone) during planning
  • RTI during planning (Burkhardt: 1, 3, 4, QUAD)
  • Band Instrument/Parent Night 4:00-7:00PM (Library)
  • Born Learning #2 5:30-7:30PM

Friday, September 23

Susie OUT for District Lead and Learn

  • School-wide Morning Meeting
  • PTO Mother-Son Bonfire @ Mulberry Orchard

Coming Up


24-SCPS Parent Academy 9:30-11:00 @ Blair Center

26-SCPS Parent Academy 5:30-7:00PM @ Heritage

28-Running Records Training 2:15-3:00 Library


3 - Professional Learning Day for Staff

5 - National Walk to School Day

6- New Teacher Session with Robyn 2:45

12-Bus Evacuation Drills

13 - Student Led/Parent Conferences

14 - First Quarter Report Cards go home

AR Reward

17-21 Fall Break

24-28 Red Ribbon Week

27 - KY Smile Day @SSE

29 - Tiger Trot