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My name is Jeannie Istre and I am the High-Impact Tutoring/TCLAS Program Coordinator for Region 5. This page is where you can find updates, workshops, news, and other resources regarding tutoring and HB 4545. Reach out to me with questions or workshop needs. I'm happy to help! Check back to this page often for upcoming trainings and other tutoring news.

Back to School Tutoring Intensive

Thursday, Aug. 18th, 8:30am-3:30pm

350 Pine Street

Beaumont, TX

This workshop is designed for decision-makers of tutoring programs within the LEA. Attendees will discover what is involved in getting grounded in design principles, setting foundations, and making key program decisions regarding implementing tutoring to meet the needs of students, staff, and schools.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Texas Tutoring Supports

This website will assist schools by providing research-based resources, tools, trainings, and implementation support for high-impact and high-quality tutoring practices to effectively support accelerated learning.

High-Impact Tutoring

Early data indicates that school closures and disruptions in SY19-20 and SY20-21 are likely to result in unfinished learning for many students statewide, making multi-year recovery and acceleration supports even more crucial. As LEAs consider how to best facilitate learning acceleration, many are considering high impact tutoring (HIT), as there is strong evidence that high impact tutoring is one of the most effective ways to increase learning gains for students.
House Bill 4545

The 87th Regular Legislative Session passed the new statute that became effective in June 2021. This mandate states that acceleration instruction practices are required during the school year for all students not meeting standard STAAR performance.

HB 4545 Overview: What's included in the new law?

HB 4545 requires Texas school districts to implement at a minimum supplemental accelerated instruction, an accelerated learning committee, and modified teacher assignments based on the following requirements:

  • Elimination of grade retention and retesting requirements in grades 5 and 8.
  • For any student who does not pass the STAAR test in grade 3, 5, or 8 in math or reading, a new LEA requirement to establish an accelerated learning committee to develop an individual educational plan for the student and monitor progress.
  • For any student who does not pass the STAAR test in grades 3–8 or STAAR end-of-course (EOC) assessments, clarification of prior supplemental accelerated instruction requirements, specifying that it must include either:
*Being assigned a classroom teacher who is a certified master, exemplary, or recognized teacher or
*Receiving supplemental instruction (tutoring) before or after school, or embedded in the school day.

Region 5 Educational Support Center

The mission of ESC 5 is to assist schools through various

initiatives​ in meeting the needs of students through

efficient and economical means.

Back to School Workbook

This workbook allows school administrators to strategically plan to build a strong accelerated learning program. Included in this resources, you will find key terms, checklists, an easy-to-follow flowchart and more.