California Gold Rush

By Will Minogue

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Mines and Gold found during 1849

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Who was James Wilson Marshall

James Marshall was the first person to find and start the gold rush in California, He found the gold at John Sutters mill.

Key Facts

  • Found a total of $2 billion worth of gold.
  • Extracted more than 750,000 pounds of gold.
  • This event gathered global attention.
  • John Sutter (owner of the land most of the gold was found on) did not get any of the profit from the gold and ended up having to leave because of debts.
  • California was a huge factor in adding California as the 31st state.

Who were the ’49ers

The ’49ers were the mass group of people that immigrated into America to mine gold in 1849.

How this impacted California and America

America decided that California should be added at the 31st state. This got most of the gold to be apart of Americas economy.