Room 107 News

Monday, September 21st

Greetings, Everyone! Here are a few updates from last week and some news of things coming up.

Room Coordinators!

Thank you to Vanessa (Hugo's mom) and Christina (Vivian's mom) for taking on being room coordinators for Room 107. You will be receiving some communications from them soon as they begin their work. I really appreciate.


Thank you to Cass (Nicolas's mom) for helping out with cleaning the room and to Carla (Josiah's mom) and Bella (Brian's mom) for helping with washing our towels. Also, I want to thank Christina (Vivian's mom) for helping out with math centers and lunch recess on Monday. For now, just let me know if you are able to volunteer in some capacity: Free Choice help, center activity help and more. I also would love to have someone help out with our fish and fish tank maintenance. Please let me know if that's something you might be able to do.

Language Arts

We have been studying families by reading many different books on the topic and doing various projects. Some titles we have read are: Families, Families, Families, Who's in a Family, Stella Brings the Family, You Were the First, and more. I will send out a list of these titles when we are finished. The children drew family portraits as well. The main goal is to learn about the very different family structures that exist and that love and kindness is what is the most important thing. I have also been reading the first of a trilogy called My Father's Dragon. It's a set of novels that I read every year to my students and it's absolutely gripping! Feel free to get the books when we are finished, but not before, please.

Literacy Assessments Coming Up Next Week

We will be doing a literacy assessment next week (and after), so that we can better understand the children's skills around literacy. (letters, sounds, phonemic awareness, etc). This is a one on one assessment, so there will be a guest teacher on Wednesday, September 30th.