By: Ryan S.

How do Hurricanes form?

Have you ever wondered how hurricanes form? Hurricanes form over warm water that is 80 degrees fahrenheit or warmer. Warm and cold air has to come together and force air up. The wind goes above the storm and that is how air below rises. Humid air is what forms the clouds of the storm. Light winds steer the storm and let it grow until it is enormous.

Why are hurricanes so dangerous?

Hurricanes are dangerous, but why? Hurricanes are dangerous because they have very high wind speeds of 74mph -155mph. They can also have flooding of around 5 -10inches of water. Not only can hurricanes do that but they can cause storm surges. A storm surge is when on a beach or coast line wind forces water to shore. A lot of water builds up and when the storm hits wind pushes the water onto land.

When and where do they form??

When and where do hurricanes form? Hurricanes form approximately 5-15 degrees north and south of the equator. There are different hurricane seasons depending on your location.In the South Pacific Ocean the season is October 5th - May 15th and in the Eastern Pacific Ocean it is May 15th - November 30th. Hurricanes will most likely to occur in the Pacific Ocean.
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Hurricane Safety!

How might people prepare for hurricanes? People might have a disaster plan and evacuation routes. A common thing people might have is a disaster supply kit for their home and car.These kits might include things like first aid,canned food,bottled water, exc. People that could be in danger if a hurricane strikes sometimes need these things for tough situations during or after a hurricane to survive.
Inside a Hurricane