Feb 5 Counselors Day-let show her some love with treats, cards and small gifts of thanks

Feb 8 101st Day of School! All students will need to wear black and white-we will be DALMATIANING it up! So spots, polka dots, as far as you want to go or just black and white clothing--one easy idea would be to buy a cheap black and a cheap white t-shirt, then cut holes in the white t-shirt-they will wear the black t-shirt under the holey white t-shirt-Viola! Spots! I have put together a Cruela De Vil costume (don't tell the kids!, it's a surprise), so I really need some puppies!

Feb 15 Student holiday (teachers work)

Feb 17 Spring pictures and whole class picture

Feb 19 PTA Skate night (my favorite!!)

March 3??? Dr Seuss Day-dress like a favorite Dr Seuss character or wear something kinda Seussy (I'm just wearing a Dr Seuss t-shirt)

Mar 7-11 Spring Break

Mar 14-17 Second grade swim lessons

Mar 25 Good Friday- no school

Mar 29-30 4th grade STAAR writing test

April 1 Early release 12:30

April 1 Starfest 5:00

April 29 Dia de Los Ninos Day--all students will dress up in a favorite storybook character costume (start planning now) The 2nd grade teachers have BIG plans for that day!

We had a good week and managed to make it inspite all of the kiddos not feeling well. Friday they all seemed much better, not nearly as many complaints. :)

We loved having Mrs. Bryant as our mystery reader! Yummy cookies, fun accents and some excellent story telling! Thanks for leaving your own classroom and coming in to ours to share time with us. We truly appreciate it!

On the 101st day of school I would like the children to all bring in a bag of 101 coins. It can be any combination of coins you like. We will combine all of the coins and count them. We will then donate the money to an animal shelter in honor of being dogs! I think this will be a great way to help celebrate Random Acts of Kindness this month.

I have not heard final word on whether the kids can wear swim shirts when we go swimming. I will let you know as soon as I do.

The weather is supposed to be beautiful this weekend, so get out there and enjoy it. I believe the Flower Mound Dog Park is opening! Hooray! Next week there will be some very cold days, please don't forget those jackets and all the winter wears.

Have a nice weekend!

April McGhee


Math-We are now working on multiplication and division. They do not need to have facts memorized for 2nd grade, but they will in 3rd grade. If you want to start working on flashcards, playing or any other fun ways to start memorizing them, it will be to their benefit. We are really working on being able to draw out a problem by showing 3 X 4=12 is 3 groups of 4, like 3 bags and each bag has 4 apples in it. We then do the opposite wit division. 12 divided by 4=3 and that would be 4 groups and we draw tally marks in each grouping until we divide out 12 evenly. The beauty of these operations is that if you know 1 fact, you know four. 3 X 4=12, 4 x 3=12, 12 divided by 4=3 12 divided by 3=4.

Social Studies-We are reading biographies of all differnt important people in history. We are trying to identify their character traits and look for commonalities between them.

Science-We learned about fresh water and salt water. They became little researchers and are still working on a packet to find out more about water.

Language Arts-We are knee deep into penguin research. They took a comprehension test over The Penguin Chick story and over adjectives. We are now reading Every Now and Ben, a story of Ben Franklin.