mice of men

Mice of men


I chose loneliness to be my main theme in the book Of mice and men because, when you see everything that goes on with George, Curley wife and how she never had no one to talk to or even Candy and his dog. George always had to look out for Lennie because of his condition that he was in. They always had this big dream to buy a house and live off a farm and they only needed each other if they ever did get to that point. I still thought that George was still very lonely because he had sacrifice everything just to take care of Lennie he gave up half his life. He always talked about how if he never did half to look after Lennie he could be living a much better life not always on the move or always changing jobs. Curley wife loneliness had turned into a desperation for attention I think if she just had attention in the story she would not feel this loneliness that she had all throughout the story. Candy was an old man that everyone at the farm knew and cared for but without his dog Candy was very lonely too. I think what the author was going after in this book was that even though you have people around you, you can still be very lonely.

Julius caesar



I choose friendship to be my main central theme in the Julius Cesar play. The reason why I choose friend ship because I think what William Shakespeare was going after in this story was you never really know who your true friends are and who your true enemies are. Brutus was one of Caesar’s best friends, a brother or right hand man and he betrayed him at the end no matter what Caesar was aiming for in story Brutus should of stuck by his side or even try to talk to him and tell him where he was wrong. Brutus in this story reminds me of a quote I once hear “don’t fear the enemy that attacks you, but the fake friend that hugs you”. That quote right there explains the whole story of what goes on before they decide to kill Caesar.