The Deaths of Romeo and Juliet

Who shall be responible for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet?

The Evil F. Lawrence

Friar Lawrence was the trigger to the Romeo and Juliet dying. If he wouldn't have arrange the marriage of Romeo and Juliet wouldn't have loved each other like they do,"So smile the heavens upon this holy act, That after hours with sorrow chide us not!" This quote shows that Friar Lawrence has arrange the marriage of Romeo and Juliet.

The Plan That Gone Wrong!

When Romeo had got banished for killing Tybalt, Juliet didn't know what to do after she married Romeo. Her parents had planned a wedding for her to marry Paris, but she doesn't like Paris. Juliet needed some help so she went the evil Friar Lawrence, "Take thou this vial, being then in bed, And this distilled liquor drink thou off, When presently through all thy veins shall run A cold and drowsy humor, for no pulse." This quote is stating that Friar Lawrence is responsible for Romeo and Juliet's death. But how? Because the potion that he gave her had made Verona sad because the princess of Verona is dead. When Romeo find out that she is dead he goes crazy and buys a potion to die with his wife.
The Lion King - Scar Confesses

Movie: The Lion King

The Lion king is very similar to Romeo and Juliet. SImba was took away from the love of his life, his Mom, and his Dad. When Simba finally returns as a grown lion he finds out his uncle scar has killed his father and Simba wants revenge. Juliet felt the same way when she was split away from her husband Romeo. Juliet doesn't know what to do and her parents are stressing her by setting up a marriage with Paris when she is already married
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Novel: Titanic

In the novel Titanic, there was a girl names Rose that had a a fiance name Jack. The boat had got on a cruise that had ran into a iceberg which had put a big hole on the ship. The big problem was there wasn't enough lifeboats for everyone and Jack couldn't get on the lifeboat and had died. Rose has made to safety. When she gets to New York she tell the whole story on how her fiance died on the Titanic an he risked his life to save many people. This relates to Romeo and Juliet because just like Rose Juliet had to lose her husband as well. In he Titanic, there were officers who had been the Friar Lawrence in Romeo and Juliet. hey both and something to do with the deaths of Jack and Romeo.