Financial Importance

It's important for ALL!

It's important to budget your money and be aware of how much your spending!

Budget means- an estimated income or expenditure {how much money you spend} during a set time.

This helps you to not become in debt because that would be a horrible situation.

Debt means- money that is owed or due.

This can be very helpful to when only 1 person in your family is working when you have a big family.

Pay off your credit card EVERY month!

If you don't do this you could end up paying tons of money on one certain day instead of spreading it out. This could also lead to debt which is not good at all.

Have some money saved for a backup in case of an emergency!

You never know what can happen. You could become in debt, you need to help your friends out, and so much more. It's better to be prepared in case anything happens. This is smart advice.