New Oasis S.E.E.D.

Share, Educate, Enrich & Develop

Introducing our new tool for educators

New Oasis International Education would like to introduce you to S.E.E.D. A resource to Share, Educate, Enrich and Develop your international student program.

The mission of New Oasis S.E.E.D. is to identify best practices, share resources and encourage collaboration in the development and growth of international student programming in private schools.

These goals will be accomplished through a site that:

1. Provides examples of international student program materials

2. Sharing recordings or supporting material from training or enrichment sessions hosted by New Oasis, in addition to providing information for attending upcoming seminars

3. An active discussion forum for educators

Visit the S.E.E.D. site today

The site is password protected to allow access only to our partner schools. Please visit us at:

Email for the password.

About Us

New Oasis International Education started with a simple vision—to improve the quality of U.S. study abroad opportunities for international students. Since our founding in 2008, New Oasis has driven new ways of thinking about international education and continues to grow and change the way students study abroad in the United States.

In all we do, we are driven to push further and help improve the field of international education, while leveraging our knowledge, experience and passion to help enrich the local communities and schools in which we serve.