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Dear zoowap23,I like this gorgeous girl named vienna I dont know if she likes me too. Can you please help?

sincerely, confused boy

Dear confused boy, you can always tell when a girl likes you or doesn't, maybe she simply gives you a smile or just says a simple hello.

Brain jack movie review

The United States has changed dramatically since Las Vegas disappeared from the face of the earth after a plane touched down on the airport runway, detonating a nuclear bomb. Now security is tighter than ever, online gaming addiction is a worldwide epidemic, and the latest technology craze is the neuro-connection, a device that allows people to control their computers with the power of their minds rather than with a mouse or keyboard. Seventeen-year-old hacker Sam Wilson can't wait to get his hands on a neuro. But after pulling off the biggest hack in recent history, Sam faces time in a juvenile detention center for white collar criminals. Or does he? After a daring escape, Sam learns that he actually just passed a test earning him a top secret job in the Cyber Defense Division of Homeland Security. There, Sam discovers that the greatest threat to the United States since Vegas comes from the most unlikely source of all.

Brain Jack movie review

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