Thursday, March 9th

Latin I News

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Expectations for the Class

  • Log in everyday and complete work. I would suggest completing two to three assignments daily. By doing this, you will complete the work in the required time.
  • Read announcements every Monday and Friday. Check daily for additional announcements that may be important.
  • Complete the Two week phone call on time. This is a grade that cannot be made up- they count 50 points and can easily affect your grade. It is your responsibility to contact me. I will post reminders in the announcements
  • Attend conferences if possible. Although it is not mandatory, the conferences are extra credit and provide a chance for you to receive extra credit. More information will be coming as to when these will be held. For this class I will try to do one every other week- this will also count as your two week phone call.
  • Do not use any online resources that provide translations. The online translators provide more mistakes than correct answers. Also, online answers provided by students who have taken the class are also incorrect. Also, if you are caught cheating, you will receive a 0 and no receive any extra credit.
  • Read notes provided in the modules. Take your notes on the class notes.
  • Complete all work in a module within a two week time period. Make sure to use the class calendar to know when assignments are due.
  • Do not jump around the class assignments. Make sure to move in the order in which the assignments are given. Any work done out of order will be removed- due to the fact the a foreign language builds upon itself, you need to grasp the early material before you do the later work.
  • Do retries. You may attempt any assignment in the class as many times as you like. As long it is done within the mandatory time limit of two weeks.
  • Finish all work by the final date of the class. No extension will be given- do not ask


  • If we have not talked this week, call me.
  • Make sure to complete all missing work as soon as possible. Grades were updated this weekend.
  • Live Session- Wednesday from 5:30-6 pm. Remember that this is not mandatory. It is a good way to contact me and get some additional help with the class. You don't have to stay the whole hour either. Just pop in, ask some questions, and be on your way.
  • Make sure to work on Unit 4 this week- all assignments are due on the 19th. I will add more learning material for unit 4 in tomorrow's announcement.