GCISD SpringBoard Update Fall 2015

How can teachers use the District PLC Design Documents and Springboard resources in their Professional Learning Teams (PLTs)?

  1. View or review the Unit Design Document Overview screencast below created by one of our district certified SB trainers, Jack Leonard (HMS); it will provide a detailed look at each of the components and how they relate in the new GCISD SpringBoard Unit Designing Document as you work in your PLT with the backward design process.
Unit Design Document

Using the PLC Design Documents: GCISD SpringBoard Unit Designing Document

Click on this link to access an additional PLC Design Document Guide also created by one of our district certified SB trainers, Kelli Mann:


As a PLC or PLT, utilize the videos in the SB Professional Development (Learning Lab SB Online) based on your needs.

2. These videos can be used for individual support, group learning, and to enhance discussions and work in PLCs and PLTs.

*You will be required to be logged into the SB Online Community to view the videos, but once you are logged in, the links will take you straight there!

This Month's SB Professional Development Video Focus: Backward Design

Teacher Spotlight: Jack Leonard Previews the Unit and Unpacks the Embedded Assessment in his Classroom

Previewing The Unit And Unpacking The Embedded Assessment

SB Strategies Sessions Can be Presented by Your Campus SB Trainer to your PLC or PLT!

3. These videos will walk you through some key strategies and explore their purpose, definition, and application to a variety of situations and can be used to start conversations with your Campus SB Trainer.

They can be used to:

  • Refresh teachers’ understanding of the strategies
  • Model the strategy in action with students and teachers
  • Encourage discussion in PLC and PLT discussions with instructional leaders and teachers

Strategies Session: Close Reading


Strategies Session: TP-CASTT


Strategies Session: Diffusing and QHT


Strategies Session: Questioning the Text


Reminder of the Month: How can MS teachers access the film clips needed for Level 1, 2, and 3 SB curriculum units?

The film clips can be accessed through SAFARI MONTAGE: http://safari.gcisd.net/SAFARI/montage/login/login.php?

Please use your district computer network login to access SAFARI (same username and password you use to login to Eduphoria).