By: Kaitlyn Templeton


1.) One way of going green at school is recycling bottle and cans.

2.) It takes 60 days to complete a full recycle.

3.) 1 year of recycling = 6 years of power

4.) 105,800 cans are recycles every minute

5.) You can recycle your compost and yard clippings and food scraps.

6.) You can select products made from recycled materials and recycle them again.

7.) A tv can run for 3 hours from recycling one can.

8.) NC throws away about 270 million dollars worth of recyclable goods each year.

9.) Aluminum and glass companies rely heavily on secondary materials for their product, and many plastics manufacturers also depend on recovered material.

10.) Recycling in North Carolina is a job creator and a growing part of our state’s economy. Recycling employs more than 14,000 North Carolinians and recycling jobs have increased about 48 percent in the last ten years.