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How Math Teaching Matters

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Hello Yacolt Primary,

It's time to register for the Best Practices in Teaching Mathematics Seminar. I'm looking forward to starting this important work with you. Over the course of our four days together, we will experience mathematics as both students and as teachers of young mathematicians.

This seminar offers a research-based lens for assessing the extent to which your teaching practices foster meaningful, appropriate and mathematically productive student engagement in mathematics content and mathematical practices that are aligned with the Common Core Standards for Mathematics Content and for Mathematical Practice.

I'll see you in August!


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August 22nd - 25th (Mon - Thurs)

8:00 - 3:30 (1 hour lunch)


Lewisville Middle School

Room C-20

Please bring:

For Planning - As a grade level team, please decide on an EnVision Topic Guide to bring . Choose one you will be using to teach at the beginning for the school year.

Clock Hours:

Up to 26 clock hours will be available.


Susan Watson x1550 watson.susan@battlegroundps.org