For this product can be used from 1 to 5 layers of paper or plastic,
including laminates. The special materials in contact with the product
are: ALU-coated paper, Coex, LDPE, HDPE. The high quality flexographic
HD print up to 11 water-based colours and, if requested, standard
varnish or UV laquering as well as the high digital definition print up
to 70 lines and shades down to 1% allow the creation of high quality
products. Low-slip treatment over the printing are available.

Open-mouth and pinch bottom sacks

Thanks to the possibility to obtain a “tailor made” product the requirements of our customers can be satisfied. The end stepped flap at the bottom and at the mouth “tailor made” for each customer, ensure the maximum seal when bagging fine powder. Another important feature of this product is the hot melt pre-applied at the mouth, which can be reused by customers for sealing the sack.



PetPack® Front Zip

Easy to be used, this is the main Front Zip plus. The front window opening and closure system allows the end-customer to open the bag without using knife, thanks to the pre-cutted window, and to close the bag time after time, thanks to the internal zip, keeping always fresh the product inside.

Thanks to this user-friendly plus that allows you to differentiate your products on the shelves, the loyalty of your end-consumers will be soon increased.

PetPack® Single Lip & Top Zip

This packaging offers numerous advantages over standard PetPack®, as the absence of the gusset (interrupted gusset) in the part near the mouth of the sack simplifies closing and sealing and optimises the efficiency of the filling machine.

Optional: Top Zip on the mouth, rounded corners, easy open.

Today, Sacchettificio Nazionale G. Corazza s.p.a is one of the major producers of this kind of product all over Europe.

PetPack® Front Slider

This is the Front Zip evolution which offer to the end-consumers an even more user friendly reclosable system located on the front side of the bag.

The Front Slider runs easily opening and closing the bags in one second. This optional will allow you to get an efficient diversification in the market of your products against your competitors. This attractive optional will lead to your products new customers and will increase your current customers' loyalty.

PetPack® Top Slider

The new PetPack® made by Sacchettificio Nazionale G. Corazza s.p.a. It's basically a Single Lip PetPack® with a completely new and absolutely user friendly reclosable system on the mouth called Top Slider.

This innovative system ensures that the content stay fresh for the longest period and, at the same time, preserves food nutritional properties and prevent unpleasant odour diffusion. This bag can be opened and reclosed as many times as desired by customers simply making run with two fingers the slider along the rites. Any kind of extra devices such as knife or tape or whatelse is needed.

PetPack® Hidden Top Slider

PetPack® Hidden Top Slider

The best of the best, PetPack® with the Top Slider "hidden", which shows itself completely only after tearing the pre-cut top mouth of the bag. The Top Slider, the smartest optional, now made even more elegant.

The Top Hidden Slider do not affect the bag design, because it's dressed with the same material and the same colours like the rest of the pack. The Top Slider here stay elegantly hidden waiting to be discovered and used by the end consumer.

PetPack® Hidden Front Slider

A very innovative way to produce the Front Slider which is able to add again some more extra value to this already smart optional for PetPack®.

The Hidden Front Slider makes even more safe and highly functional the opening of the bag for the end-consumer. After one grasp along the micro perforation on the top mouth of the bag the Front Slider shows itself and can be used in a very easy and intuitive way like a Top Slider.

The Hidden Front Slider helps, moreover, to make the bag completely empty.

Side gusset carrying handle - Patented

Take it easily!

Now available at Sacchettificio Nazionale G. Corazza s.p.a this fantastic optional for PetPack® sacks which allows our customers to enter in new markets. Side gusset sealed carrying handle up to 20 kg weight. Intuitive handle and easy to transport as it was your suitcase. It's a Sacchettificio Nazionale G. Corazza S.p.a.'s patent.

Perfect to be used also with medium size PetPack® up to 3, 4 or 5 kg. It will be easier to pour the food into your pet's bowl! Combined with the optional Single lip & Top Zip or Single Lip & Top Slider or Top Hidden Slider you get the absolutely perfect pet food packaging!


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