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From the Desk of the Principal - February 25, 2021

Dear Blue Hills Families,

Thank you for your attention to the communications in the past two weeks regarding Fall 2 sports and changing our reopening model. Please review the important notes below as we embark on the next steps of reopening.

February is Black History Month. There are some wonderful articles and resources available at We are pleased that this month has also coincided with the kickoff of our Conversations about the Culture and Climate (CCC) groups at Blue Hills, where topics like diversity, inclusion, ethnicity, belonging, and culture are discussed. The goal of this group is "to cultivate an atmosphere of mutual respect through collaboration, inclusion, and relationships." All students have been invited to participate; if you have questions, please reach out to Ms. Wariboko or Ms. Magnani. This group will meet regularly to have honest and safe conversations, and to work towards the betterment of the entire school community at Blue Hills.

Reopening Hybrid 50+

  • Please make sure that your child is conducting a daily symptom check every morning for covid symptoms. It is very important that students do not report to school with any symptoms.
  • Particularly as we increase the number of students in vocational spaces, we need to make sure that protocols like mask wearing, hand-washing, and physical distancing are still in effect. Our students and faculty have done a wonderful job this year, and we want to remain vigilant to keep people safe.
  • Beginning March 8, students on a vocational week will report to school Monday through Friday in person. Students whose families have opted for the fully remote option may remain fully remote, but will see some changes beginning March 8. A separate communication will be going out to families of fully remote students.
  • We will have more students in the cafeteria for lunches beginning on March 8, but we are maintaining our six feet of physical distancing during all lunches. We are adding a fourth lunch to the schedule and will also use the gymnasium for any overflow.
  • Per the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, transportation regulations have changed. Students may now sit two to a seat if there are no empty seats, provided masks are worn and every other window is open at least a couple of inches. This guidance is helping us provide transportation for more students.
  • If your student is asked to come in for additional help in academics, please help us to make that happen. We are constantly reviewing and expanding our list of students for in-person help. If your child is struggling and might benefit, reach out to your guidance counselor.

Fall 2 Sports

  • The Fall 2 season is a shortened season that will run in March and April before the Spring sports season. While not yet approved, we hope to run a Spring season following our Fall 2 season. The field is being plowed as I write this, and we are hopeful for better weather in the weeks ahead so that our student-athletes may return to the playing fields.
  • It is critical that student-athletes follow all protocols and directions of their coaches. This includes mask-wearing, changing prior to practice, remaining in assigned groupings or pods, staying physically distanced when required, etc.
  • All student-athletes must have an up to date physical exam to participate, and must be academically eligible as of the end of Term 2. Please check with Nurse Gainey if you have questions about your physical exam.
  • Registration for Fall 2 is available on Family ID until March 1.

Grade 9 Notes

  • Exciting Opportunity for Grade 9 Students! - A virtual meet and greet with freshmen students and our student ambassadors will be held on March 18th at 6:00 PM. They will answer questions you might have regarding choosing your final vocational placement, sports, extra curricular activities, academics, etc. A google form was sent to all freshmen to complete. This is a chance to meet some upperclassmen and get to see other freshmen in a low-key setting!
  • Grade 9 Exploratory: 9th graders are selecting remaining programs that they would like to explore prior to final placements happening sometime in early April. During the weeks of March 15 and March 29, students will participate in two exploratories each week in-person (2 days each).


Geoff Zini

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Start with Hello!

We are excited to be running a virtual program on empathy from the Sandy Hook Promise to our students on March 3 and March 10. This program will run during academic classes beginning first period.

Program Overview:

Start With Hello Middle and High School is an age-appropriate version of the award-winning program that teaches empathy to empower students to end social isolation...that helps schools build and reinforce a culture of inclusion.

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Upcoming Schedule - IN-PERSON Days

(subject to change)

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Free and Reduced Lunch: PEBT Information

Booster Club!

The Blue Hills Booster Club can be found on facebook for general information. You can find more detailed information through the school website by clicking on the Student/Parents tab then click on the Booster Club.

The Booster Club meets via zoom on the 4th Wednesday of each month. The calendar will provide information on store hours, meeting notes, times, and link to zoom, and upcoming events. If you should have any further questions or concerns please email us at

Covid-19 Information - From Nurse Gainey


Massachusetts has called off the flu shot requirement for this academic year, but it is still recommended that students receive a flu shot.

Flu Requirements (Available in English and Multiple Languages)

Please send your records of physical exams to Nurse Gainey.







What you do next will help control the spread of the infection:


  • If you are sick with COVID-19 symptoms please stay home and get tested.
  • If someone in your home tests positive you must quarantine for 14 days and get tested in 5-7 days or sooner if you become symptomatic.
  • If you are informed that you are a close contact (within less than or equal to 6 feet for 10 to 15 minutes over 24 hours with or without mask or if someone coughed or sneezed directly in your unmasked face) you MUST quarantine for 14 days and get tested in 5-7 days or sooner if symptomatic.
  • If a family member is identified as a close contact, and you are NOT symptomatic, you are expected to come to school. If that family member tested positive you would then be considered a close contact and be required to quarantine for 14 days and get tested in 5-7 days or sooner if you became symptomatic.
  • If you return from out of state travel, you will be required to quarantine for fourteen days.
  • Please notify the school asap or call Mrs. Gainey RN @ 781-828-5800 X 2230 or Mrs. Pica @ X 2250 in Student Affairs if you are absent or to report a COVID-19 concern.


All students will receive free lunch and breakfast through the end of this school year.

Students that are learning at home are eligible for meal pickup - please click on the link below to place orders and learn more:

IT Support & Remote Learning

Remember - if you are not "in-person" on a given day, you are still REMOTE LEARNING. Anyone who is having technology issues should immediately reach out to the school by phone or email

What remote schedule am I following???

Without question, figuring out which schedule you are following on a given day can be difficult when you are at home and your routine is thrown off. Here's a quick guide to help:

Vocational "Remote" Days - these all look the same! If you are on a vocational week and are remote, simply follow your shop's instructions for the synchronous meeting times (8:30 and 1:30, usually) and work independently or as needed during the day. Failure to attend both synchronous sessions will lead to the student being marked as "absent" and potentially receiving no credit for the day.

Academic "Remote" Days -

  • "Blue Days" - Mostly on Mondays and Thursdays. Refer to the released schedule to make sure you have the right day. On these days, you'll meet "live" with periods 1-4. The rest of your day is extra help and independent work.
  • "Green Days" - Mostly on Tuesdays and Fridays - Refer to the released schedule to make sure you have the right day. On these days, you'll meet "live" with periods 5-8. The rest of your day is extra help and independent work.
  • "Wednesdays" - On Wednesdays, follow the Wednesday schedule! You'll meet with all of your academic classes throughout the day. HINT: We may occassionally use this schedule on other days, or schedule Wednesday to be in-person.

For both vocational and academic "remote" days: Please remember that school runs from 7:48 to 2:20. At any time in this period of time, you can be asked to meet with a teacher, attend a session, or do extra help/support activities. If class begins at 8:30 or 9:00, you may very well have things to do and prepare for prior to the start time. Be diligent in checking your email and google classroom. Getting an education is your "job" right now, and is the best investment you can make at this stage of life!

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STEM Opportunity!

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Blue Hills Regional Technical School

Blue Hills Regional Technical School’s mission is to continue its history of academic achievement, technical training and character development through a curriculum which emphasizes the integration of cutting-edge technical programs and challenging academic courses, enabling its students to become competent, caring and productive people in a diverse and changing world.