Volume 1, Issue...27

Points to Ponder

Word of the Month: Change
Thought of the week: “The way we’re going to improve schools is not by supervising and evaluating individual teachers into better performance; it’s by creating a culture in which teams of teachers are helping one another get better.” -Richard DuFour
Friday Fun-day: It's Field Day! Wear your favorite FMES gear and your sneakers!

Important Information

  • As we wrap up the school year, we must make sure that summer checkout is done properly. The link for the summer check out is found below. If these things have already been done, be sure to go back and initial. Also-don't forget to fill in your summer contact information and T-shirt size.
  • The parent input sheet for placement has been sent to parents via email and can be found on the school-wide website. Please encourage parents to complete the information found on the link. We use this information to help with placement decisions.
  • SLO Conferences will continue to be held throughout the week. If you have not signed up for one, an additional sign up sheet will be sent out this week with more time slots. Prior to the conference, please be sure to have filled out the Teacher Reflection piece under Post Conference on the Teacher Teams form.
  • The end of the year party at Donna's house is an opportunity for us to de-stress, and enjoy each other socially. I hope to see you all there as we reflect on the current year, enjoy a few laughs, delicious food/drinks and say so long to each other for the summer. Be sure to sign up so we know who is coming.

  • There will be a faculty meeting Wednesday. Missy and Daniel will discuss field day plans and the Guided Math group will present.
  • Thank you to all teams for providing the breakfast food for the volunteer breakfast tomorrow morning. Our volunteers do so much for us, this kind act allows us to show our appreciation for their hard work. Remember to have your items in the media center by 7:15.
  • As a reminder, FMES will host Lunch and Learn, Summer Reading Camp and Camp Invention during the month of June. The cleaning crew will tackle the deep cleaning of the building during that time and a little in July. I will send emails throughout the month to let you know when you can come in to work, set up your classrooms, etc.

Most Valuable Players

This week's M.V.P.'s are Jessica Wiggins and Melissa Monyette. A huge congratulations to these ladies for completing the VERY RIGOROUS ECLP class taught by Jamie White this year. These ladies worked for hundreds of extra hours throughout the last year to become better reading instructors. In the process they were able to provide specialized instruction to a total of 8 students that were struggling readers. Congrats on all of your hard work. Also, thank you to everyone who covered classes for them so that they could work with the students. You too are a reason for their success!
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Have a Terrific Week Everyone!