Malvern Family Resource Centre

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Our Mission...

Malvern Family Resource Centre is committed to strengthening families and individuals through inclusive and effective programs and services for children, youth, women, seniors and families in the Rouge River riding.

The Malvern Family Resource Centre is also committed to developing policies, practices and procedures that respect and promote the dignity and independence of people with disabilities, as well as integration and equality of opportunity.


Early Years (0-6 years)

A Welcoming Place For Parents and Their Children

Some Programs include:
Active Play, Baby Wonderland, Community Helpers, Comptuer Program 2, Creative Learning, Dramatic Play, Family Time, Fun with French, Fun with Numbers, Fun with Reading, Math Fun, Read and Rhyme, Story Time and Together Time.

  • These programs allow children to express their ideas and creativity. It helps the children develop their imagination, language, literacy and numeracy skills. There is a variety of interactive programs that children and parent(s) are able to experience. The children are also able to learn basic words in French.

Middle Years (6-12 years)

After-School Fun and Learning Starts Here!

Programs Include:
After-School and PA Day Camp

  • After-school programs are provided with a focus on physical activities, nutrition, and personal health and wellness. The PA Day camp provides field trips, crafts and games during days off of school!

Youth (13-24)

Empowering Youth for Future Success

Programs Include:
Check Mate Tuesdays, Dinner and a Movie, Education Lab, Footsteps to Success, I Got Next (Multisport), Malvern Youth Cabinet, Project L.I.F.E., Young Mama's, Youth Led Photography, You Support Counseling, Cricket, Drop In, Feel Good Monday's, Girls United, Malvern Basketball League, MY CHAT, Talk Back Thursdays, Youth Events and Youth Outreach Worker.

  • Youth programs provide friendly competitive games and you can also learn basic skills in the in sport Cricket. There is a quiet room provided for youth who wish to catch up on their homework. There is a program especially for youth girls where they are able to express their feelings through art. Counseling is also provided for young mothers. Healthy living is also a topic in which the youth program wish to promote.


Linking Women To Community Services

Programs Include:
Advocacy, Computer/Internet Usage, Employment Support, Info Hub, Information Counselling, Self-Help Seminars, Volunteer Exploration, Women's Wellness Group, Computer Class, Conversation Cafe, Information and Referral, Knit One, Give one, Specialized Services and Women's Events.

  • Women are able to use this time to relax or learn basic skills of the computer, knitting, or self-help.


Involving Seniors in Innovative Activities

Programs Include:
Computer Class Level 1, Eco Fit, Garden Club, Newsletter Club, Seniors 101, Teddy Bear Campaign, Computer Class Level 2, Cooking 101, Eco Arts, Explorations, Malvern Seniors Cabinet, Playbreak, Seniors Club.

Cultural Programs:
Conversational English for Tamil Seniors, Tamil Drop In and Tamil Social and Yoga.

  • These senior programs allow seniors to keep up to date by learning basic skills of how to use a computer. These programs also provide cultural events such as yoga for the Tamil community.


Strengthening Families Is Our Business

Programs Include:

Counselling Sevices, Kinder-Ready Class and Free Income Tax Clinic.

  • These family programs allow children and parent to come together or prepare for their child to go to school.

Resident Engagement

Action For Neighbourhood Change

Events Such as:
Advocacy, Community, Food Security, Environmental and Public Space Issues, Neilson Community Marketplace, Parent Engagement, Resident Leadership Training, Sports and Recreation, Youth and Alumni, Blackwell Children's Garden, Empringham Breakfast Club, Littles Road Garden Committee, Neilson park Garden Committee, Resident Action Grants, South Asian Parent Network and Steering Committee.

  • This program allows the persons from the neighbourhood to leader specific events.

Major Funding Partners


Age, ethnicity, Family Household & Employment

Children 0-4 (7.1%)
School Age 5-14 (15.2%)
Youth 15-24 (15.2%)
Working Age 25-54 (43.7%)
Pre-Retirement 55-64 (10.6%)
Seniors 65+ (8.3%)

Chinese (8.5%)
South Asian (39.1%)
Black (19.7%)
Filipino (8.8%)
Latin American (0.9%)
Souteast Asian (1.1%)
Arab (0.5%)
West Asian (1.7%)
Korean (0.3%)
Japanese (01%)

Employment: TOTAL
Retail: 13%
Warehousing: 23%
Others: 1%
Institutional: 9%
Office: 48%
Service: 6%

Employment: PART-TIME
Retail: 30%
Warehousing: 9%
Others: 6%
Institutional: 7%
Office: 32%
Service: 16%


30 years of success


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