Barn Owls

Learning about how they fly & can help make airplanes quiet.

Task 1:

Common Name- Barn Owls

Originated From- Germany, Tanzania

Scientific Name- Tyto Alba

Meaning of scientific name- White Owl. ('Tyto' in greek means white.) ('Alba' in latin means owl.)

Type of species- Bird because it is a short legged, egg-laying, feathered animal.

Further Technology- By changing the shape of airplane wings & making them more quieter.

Structural or behavioural?- Barn Owls are structral because the wings are part of the body & the barn owl's brain controls the wings & the silent flight.

Adaptation Survival- They can survive because of their silent flight because they can hunt for food & their prey can't hear them come close.

Has it been developed?- Dr. Thomas Bachmann is trying to develop new wings for planes but it will take 20 years to develop the new type of wings.

Task 2:

  1. Choose one problem with the Science or technology you described in Task 1.

1. We can make the airplanes fly more softly to stop the bad effect of noise pollution.


  1. Summarise the problem, including difficulties that people face if the problem is not solved

  2. The problem is that the airplanes make a lot of noise & it effects the animals around them & creates noise pollution. People face some difficulties with the noise pollution for example in the ocean some people can hear DOOOO DOOOO from the sky because of the airplane noise & some people might live near the airport & can hear it from their homes.

Give one scientific solution to this problem. Include a description of how science or technology can be used to solve it.

The builders can change the wing's shape into a curved shape.

  1. Find some statistics concerning the problem or solution – include graphics to support your presentation.
  2. These are the flights that are from 12:00AM-7:00AM:
  3. ......2010 - 17,126 flights
  4. ......2011 - 19,713 flights
  5. ......2012 - 21,099 flights
  6. ......2013 - 24,111 flights
  7. ......2014 - 27,655 flights

  1. Describe advantages of your solution?

  2. Maybe if the airplane's wings were curved there would be no noise pollution.

Describe the disadvantages of your solution?

I think that it would be very expensive to change the design of the big airplane model.

  1. Describe how using the solution has affected or will affect society. Focus on one possible environmental or economic factor. Include social solutions if you can.

  2. Quiet airplanes are good because it will let the animals live in peace in their habitats.


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