September 9, 2013


PGD: Short Term Goals

  • Each day, students write a daily goal and then write an evaluation whether the goal was met. Students also rate their individual progress on a scale of 1- 5 in four areas: math, topic study, theme study, and science. The areas rated are: persistence, on-task behavior and good thinking. We will share these goal sheets at conferences. I meet with each student at the end of the day to look over their goal sheet and provide feedback. Today student’s wrote goals but next week we will begin meeting to keep ourselves accountable.
  • We had one picture turned in for our class contest --next week is the drawing for "Learning Strikes Here." Complete the drawing on a 12x18 piece of white paper.
  • We had a few minutes to work on our S'more posters on "What Object Am I?" If your child would like to finish this, he / she can send me the link so I can work on our finished class copy to publish. I will allow about 20 minutes to finish this next week --- so it is not due --- just an option if they would like to work on it at home.

Critical Thinking:

  • We were introduced to the word –accuracy! I love the definition – free from error! We could all relate to the desire to be accurate in our work and free from error! We also reviewed our first critical thinking word: Clarity. We watched an accuracy video and used the word throughout the day!

Elements of Reasoning Skills: Purpose & State the Question:

  • Purpose (review): All thinking should start with a purpose, a goal, or an end in sight. We discussed how to define our purpose in all subject areas. We will continue to use this element of reasoning throughout the year.

  • State the question (new): This will lay out the problem we are examining and guide our thinking/ Questions to ask ourselves: What question am I trying to answer?/ Is the question clear? We applied this level of thinking in topic study as students hone in on an essential question to research.

Enrichment Centers:

  • Topic Study: Today we continued to use our new technology tool---- Padlet. This tool will help the students take notes in topic study. Today we worked on writing an essential question for our topic study. We discussed how to write an essential question and examined the level of Bloom’s and the types of thinking we want to display in our research and projects.
  • Math: We had a successful day of math problem solving! The math problem this week is very difficult ---ask your child to tell you about it! We talked about grit – how to stick with something when it is HARD!
  • Science: We completed our first solar collector experiment. Students wrote a hypothesis, conducted an experiment. We will average and graph results next week. We will incorporate technology into science through the use of Google docs and creating graphs on the computer.

Theme Study:

  • We watched part II of the United Streaming Video on the Amazing Brain and took notes. We are building background knowledge on the brain.
  • Students explored a variety of books --- we are trying to discover brain topics of interest to us. Students took notes on possible brain topics.
  • We took a note taking quiz --- To help you understand our note taking process --- I included a video clip in this newsletter. Click on the link below.
  • I If your child received a 100% then he/she will not have to take next week’s quiz. Ask your child his/her score.



  • Finish the brain lobe essay and email to me!
  • If you child would like to draw the symbol and slogan for our class --- he/she should complete a drawing on a 12x18 sheet of white paper. We will vote on our class picture in the next few weeks. The picture should include the symbol and the slogan.
  • Finish "What Object Am I" S'more Poster
  • I am also sending a link to drop box. Please have your child load this on to your home computer --- this is a virtual box. Your child will be able to put work from school into the drop box and then work on it at home!
  • Your child should open his/her email and complete the topic study google doc --- this requires typing his/her topic study title into the spreadsheet ---EASY!