Only Science has Fun Assignments

By Calvin Cho PD4

Earthquake PBL

This project was about how we as engineers can make a house that is structured to resist earthquakes. My (Our team's) design was a simple house structured entirely out of pipes and cement supporting the wood. I learned a lot of things from this project but the main point to me was teamwork. Just because one person's does their work, it doesn't affect much yet when one person doesn't do their work, it affect the entire project.

30 Hands

From this project, I learned about how about the greenhouse effect and climate change. I really enjoyed this project because I could record and talk instead of having to type the whole thing.

Invention Convention

Our project help prevent the disappearance of Polar Bears. Since Polar Bears are becoming extinct because their homes are melting, our project creates ice to make the homes.
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Extra Credit

Although my Unit Test score was a disaster, Unit 4 was my favorite. Unit 4 was based on weathering, deposition, and erosion. Since I had no idea what deposition and erosion meant, I thought it'd be another series of terrible events. But it turns out both words are easy and simple. Despite the fact that I always hated to learn weather, it was different this time because of the art. We got to color and draw so much things, possibly more than the rest of the ISN, and it made this unit more fun.