OES Guidance Newsletter

April 2016

Welcome Back from Spring Break!!

We would like to welcome everyone back from their Spring Break even though it seemed it happened long ago!! We hope everyone enjoyed their break and was able to get much needed rest. We hope everyone got rest on the workday.

We would like to share an article with the staff. The article is on Empathy. We've taught this lesson in Guidance but we want to make sure that all the staff is continuing to teach empathy in the classrooms. A lot of districts and schools focus on academic and skills. Academics and skills are believed to be the only things to raise academic achievements and test scores. However, a study was done and it was found that modeling and fostering empathy has been known to proven to raise academic achievement (Wilson, 2016). There are several different ways in which classroom teachers can teach empathy to their students. One way to do this is to using different books that teach about empathy either directly or indirectly, building empathy through play, or create a jigsaw classroom (Wilson ,2016). A jigsaw classroom is one in which the students are divided into groups but the groups consists of students on different achievement levels (Wilson, 2016).

If you would like to read this article, a link is below.

Wilson, Ruth. (2016). Empathy for the 'A.' Teaching Tolerance, Spring 2016(52), 53-55. http://www.tolerance.org/sites/default/files/TeachingToleranceMagazineIssue52.pdf

What's Going on This Month?

Guidance Lessons

This month, we focused on two topics. The first topic we covered was Habit 6: Synergize. We talked about what synergizing was and the difference between good teamwork and bad teamwork. We then had the students watch two videos with video clips that displayed good and bad teamwork. A link to those videos are below. We also showed the students a video of The Ohio State marching band and related that to good teamwork. A link to that video is below. For K-2, we then read the book "Teamwork Isn't My Thing and I Don't Like to Share" by Julia Cook. We then had them draw a picture of them showing Habit 6. We are using the squares to make quilts for the classroom. A picture of that will come soon. For 3-5, we had the students put together puzzles in different situations (i.e. no talking/communication, etc.). We then discussed how teamwork helped them put together the puzzle quickly.

Good Teamwork and Bad Teamwork


The Power of Teamwork


Ohio State Marching Band Disney Show


The next topic we covered was Earth Day. We had the students watch "Go Green with Disney's Timon and Pumbaa". It talked about how to reduce, reuse, and recycle and the importance of doing those things to help and keep the earth alive. We had grades 3-5 complete a writing prompt about Earth Day. Two examples of those are below. Grades K-2 did a recycling sort and then colored a coloring sheet on Earth Day.

Big image
Big image

Month of the Military Child

The month of April is "Month of the Military Child." During this month, any child that is military connected celebrated. There are several things we did to honor Month of the Military Child. We held a writing/drawing contest for our students to enter. They were to write/draw what it was like to be a military child.

The winners of the essay writing were:

Jeffrey Malave (Mrs. Fisher's class)

Breanna Walsh (Mrs. Fisher's class)

Zoe Ewing (Ms. Randall's class)

Jasmine Lee (Ms. Randall's class)

The winners of the drawings were:

Ryden McGothen (Ms. Kator's class)

Alyssa Weldon (Mrs. Hadley's class)

As a school, we wore purple on April 8 and the "Cape Fear River Ramblers", an Army jazz band, performed at our school on April 8 as well.