The CN Tower

Megan Forsythe

What kind of structure is it?

The CN Tower is a concrete communications and observations tower.

When was The CN Tower built?

The CN Tower construction started in 1972, and finished in 1976.

CN Tower, Toronto - Ontario, Canada

What's the purpose of this structure?

Canada went through a era where they were increasing tremendously on building structures, most of them were skyscrapers, large office buildings, etc. But, soon they reached a problem where their skyscrapers were blocking the television and radio frequency signals, so to resolve their problem by building a communications tower tall enough so that any radio or TV communications from it would not be obstructed by other high-rise buildings in the city. The tower also served as a hub (central point) for microwave transmissions, allowing two businesses that were not visible to each other to exchange data by having the tower transmit it.

How is the structure innovative?

What makes The CN Tower so innovative, is that it is one of the tallest free-standing structures, and still remains the tallest free-standing structure in the Western Hemisphere. Another way its innovative, is that it has a large glass floor which gives you many panoramic views, and it offers shopping and dining.

What makes the structure a "wonder" of the modern world?

Not only is The CN Tower the tallest free-standing structure, it also has 3 dining locations 2 restaurants and 1 cafe; the 360 restaurant which is a restaurant that gives you a rotating view of Toronto Canada, Horizons restaurant is located on the skylook level but it is just like any other ordinary restaurant except it gives you a view of the city below, Le Cafe which is just like any other cafes, they serve your 'ordinary' food; burgers, fries, coffee, pizza, etc. The CN Tower also has many attractions; The Lookout, where you can view Toronto at a height of 1,136 ft. The Glass floor where you can view the city 1,122 ft. straight down. The Skypod, where you get a 360 observing view of Toronto from 33 storeys high. High Speed Elevators, where you can view Toronto at the high speed of 58 seconds straight up, and straight down which is made out of 6 high speed elevators, all in one.
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Civil Engineering on The CN Tower

The CN Tower is included in the Construction and Structural Engineering specialties within the field of Civil Engineering, because it was needed for its structure to resolve their problem with the radio and television waves.