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This is what happened to one of the slaves. The marks on his back came from the whippings he received as a punishment. This is what slavery has caused, and this is why it should be abolished.

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Cruel Consequences

Whoosh! Slap! This is a common sound for slave owners. The sound of a whip, which is usually followed by a scream. The punishments are given to slaves as permanent reminders of

Slave in iron neck collar.

being slaves and intimidation from their masters. Sassing, fussing, fighting, or not working hard enough are the usual reasons for a punishment. These slave punishments would vary from the owner to the crime and sometimes the law.

Small and Painful Punishments (Not Deadly)-

  • Whipping and beating up of a slave is the most common penalty, but to make the penalty worse some overseers would put red pepper or turpentine (a type of oil) to make it lasting. Some slave owners actually put lard or brick dust to make it unsanitary and uncomfortable.

  • Carving of the body with knives or swords.

These punishments are usually just to make the slaves work harder or to just give them a taste of their power over them.

Mild and Painful Punishments (Can Kill)-

  • Burning

  • Branding

  • Mutilation

  • Smoke houses- They are small, airtight huts in which a slave enters with a wad of tobacco and lights it for the amount of time specified and by that time, the slave is either dead or unconscious.

  • Iron chains and neck collars

These punishments are meant to really harm the slave and make the punishment as gruesome as they possibly can without killing them.

The Humanity against Slave Punishments

In the 1740’s the state of South Carolina passed a law prohibiting cruelty to slaves. This law didn't stop all slave punishments, but instead banned a few. The law stopped the slave owners fro poking the eyes from slaves, the cutting of tongues and limbs, and burning.

--Chirag Godha

Work for the Good of All- Levi Coffin

Levi Coffin was born on October 28, year 1798, in New Garden, Guilford County of North Carolina. He was taught by his father in his childhood, and afterward took alternative periods of studying and teaching. In 1818, he joined the Quaker society and became an abolitionist.

A picture of Levi Coffin.

Today, Levi Coffin is working to create a world where we can all be free. He is working to rescue the innocent and helpless, to teach them the ways of our world and give them that which they deserve. His actions as an abolitionist have reached many lives, and more will be added to that score.

As a Quaker, the teachings Levi come in contact with greatly influence his view on slavery. Why should all men be equal, yet some of us own another? If all men have a piece of God in them, who are we to own part of God? With this in mind, Coffin slowly transformed into the prominent abolitionist that he is today.

Starting in 1821, Coffin organized a Sunday School for slaves, teaching them the Christian religion. Unfortunately, many masters feared teaching slaves, so the school was closed quickly. Moving to Newport, Indiana, brought him closer to the abolitionist cause, and he states that he was doing “all he can to help these slaves gain their deserved freedom” at the time. Even today, after moving to Cincinnati Ohio, Coffin is trying to help our cause. He has decided not to support the market of slave-produced goods, and now owns and runs his own store, selling only goods made without slave labor.

Join our cause, and follow in this great man’s footsteps! With more abolitionists like Coffin, we can eradicate this hypocritical monstrosity we call slavery, and bring order, equality, and peace to the world. Without people like him, this world will crumble into a nest of bigotry and prejudice, and nothing of good can come to fruition. Become an abolitionist and help these innocent people be free, as they were always meant to be.

--Shruti Roy

Stuffed Like Cod

Jeffrey Cheng 1/21/16

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With slavery almost lasting 200 years, the popularity of slavery is increasing rapidly. Slave ships with hundreds of slaves are sailing into the harbors of the Southern Colonies. Captured slaves are stuffed into ships until no more can fit.

The ship diagram of

the slave ship Brookes.

These inhumane conditions are making thousands of people suffer,and you have the power to help innocent people avoid these harsh conditions.

Conditions of Slave Ships

The conditions of slave ships are more dreadful than you can imagine. Hundreds of naked people are chained together with barely any room to move. Crew members regularly beat slaves. They are only fed twice a day, and the food was not nearly enough to keep them healthy. People die of diseases, suicide, hunger, and more. The Brookes is a British slave ship that contains all these horrors. Slaves felt just like cod, stuffed into tiny compartments. Only allowed to stow 454 slaves, up to 609 people were onboard at once. Join the abolitionist movement, and you can help prevent people from experiencing these horrid conditions.

Famous Abolitionists

There are many prominent abolitionists out there, and you can be one of them. David Walker wrote an appeal, which called for people to unite against slavery. Another abolitionist was Frederick Douglass, a former slave. He wrote two books, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave and My Bondage and My Freedom. Both his books were influential and promoted the abolitionist cause. These are two men who greatly helped the abolitionist movement, and you can too.

Imagine this: people from all ages chained so close together they could barely move, cries of pain from victims of illnesses, punishments, and starvation, and an appalling stench of people. These are the conditions of British slave ships, like the Brookes. Slaves have to endure two to four months of these conditions on the Middle Passage. Stand up to the injustice of slavery like David Walker and Frederick Douglass did, and join the abolitionist movement.

--Jeffrey Cheng

The Scary Reality

The Scary Reality

We all deserve to have equal rights and advantages. Not only are people slaves, forced to work all day long regardless of age, they are also put into nasty rooms and given minimum

Slave Quarters

supplies to survive. Despite them doing work, they are also given barely enough food to provide them with the energy they need. This is unfair, as all people on this earth are born equal. JOIN the abolitionist movement now.


The slave quarters are a nasty place to be in. With up to 10 people crammed into a small area with only two windows, the room starts to smell malodorous. It is cold in winter, hot in summer, and leaky during rain. These conditions make it very easy to catch sicknesses and diseases. The rooms are usually full of dirt and mud, and the roofs are leaky. Many houses are made of straw with mud floors. Even though they have a fireplace, it’s so horribly designed that all of the heat escapes from the chimney.


Along with an unhygienic slave quarter, slaves aren’t given proper amounts of food. Most of them will starve or fed only once a day. Some slaves are given table scraps, which wouldn't suffice for more than 24 hours. In some cases, slaves steal food from their masters. This will lead to punishments such as branding on the forehead.


Slave rights are very limited. Slaves are forbidden to do many of the things our children can do. They are forbidden to read and write. They are also not allowed to wander the streets without a pass, and they have a curfew. They are put to work for majority of the day, and usually aren't released till sunset. They are sometimes forced to marry so the owner could sell the young or use it for more work. They could be searched at any time, therefore violating their privacy.


Don’t you believe that these humans should be treated properly? All of their rights are being invaded, and they don’t have any privacy. To stop this madness, you can join the abolitionist movement today. We protest for the rights of these humans to form equality among all. Join now so we can form equality throughout our colonies.

--Nikitha Shivakumar

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~Nikitha Shivakumar

Abolition is song

The cruelty of slavery

is never-ending pain,

Ripped away from family

every death is same.

Why should we treat these men

as less than what they are,

When we are no more better

like this we shant go far.

Now we have a chance to fix

many of our wrongs,

Let us end this slavery

with abolition in our songs.

~Shruti Roy

Join Now

To join the Abolitionist Movement, you can participate in this meeting to give your ideas, and we can plan together to abolish this ill treatment towards mankind.

--Nikitha Shivakumar

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