December 2020

Longfellow Elementary

A Message from mrs. Heckenlaible

It’s that time of year again when all the hustle and bustle of Christmas gets everyone excited for a break. We hope that everyone can take a moment to reflect on all the positives that happened in the 2020 year. Even in this year of pandemic, it’s important that we reflect on the good times we had and hoping that an end to the pandemic is in sight. This time also offers a great opportunity to settle into a good book or two. The students will be completing their winter benchmark testing when they return to school, and sharing this reading time with their family and friends is an excellent way for the students to showcase their first semester progress!

Family is such a precious gift and we want to thank all of our Longfellow Families for sharing their children with us. It has been a great first semester and the students have made leaps and bounds in reading and math. We can’t thank you enough for encouraging and reading with your child/ren. It truly makes a difference in their education, and we feel very fortunate to have your home support.

As we return to school on January 4, 2021, it will bring with it opportunities for families to be involved in school sponsored events: conferences will be held on February 4 and the Longfellow Family Fitness Challenges will go on. We hope everyone stays well and takes the necessary precautions so that we can all return safely to school!

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Mrs. Heckenlaible

Thank you healthcare heroes!

Our Longfellow Lions and their teachers created posters and sang a verse to our Healthcare professionals. Go ahead and ask your child/ren to sing it to you. I guarantee it's contagious! We are a strong community and we will persevere through any challenge!
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Gobble Gobble

School Info App


At times throughout the year, school can be affected due to inclement weather. You should listen to radio stations KORN, KQRN, or KMIT, or watch television stations KDLT, KSFY, or KELO. You could also sign up to receive alerts by following the link below or follow the QR code that is in the SchoolInfoApp flyer in this newsletter (many of you signed up during the fall conference night). You can also find the link through our Longfellow Facebook page.

Click the red button below to get the school district app!

**** Please make sure you have updated any emergency dismissal procedures for your child so that we know how to dismiss your child in the event of an early dismissal.

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Longfellow honored Veterans by creating artwork for them and then sending those artworks to the 4H building to by on display on Veteran's Day.

Mask Designers

The Longfellow Student Council hosted a mask designing contest. Each student was given the opportunity to design a face mask. Den C Student Council then voted and chose a winner from each class. Those will be available for order online. Please watch your teacher's newsletters, Class Dojo, See-saw, etc., for more information in the next week. These would make terrific Christmas gifts for your learners! They are so cool, you might even want one for yourself!

Habits of Mind

Longfellow focuses on students making good choices based on Habits of Mind. Every month, 2 habits will be highlighted. Each teacher will choose a student of the month who demonstrates that month's habits of mind. Way to go Lions! We are SO proud of you!!

December's habits of mind are:

Persisting: Stick to it!

Persevering in task through to completion; remaining focused. Looking for ways to reach your goal when stuck. Not giving up.

Thinking & Communicating with Clarity and Precision: Be clear!

Strive for accurate communication in both written and oral form; avoiding over generalizations, distortions, deletions and exaggerations.

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Student of the Month


Kianna Cranmer is the BK student of the month! Kianna is a very hard worker and always tries her best. If something is difficult for her she keeps trying and does not give up. Kianna is helpful and kind to her peers. I am so proud of her! Way to go Kianna!


Bryhstol Myers is KH student of the month. Bryhstol is a hard worker who never gives up. She is also willing to help those around her and teaches them to have persistence. She also communicates with her classmates with clarity. I am proud of you Bryhstol!


Wynn Long is KN's student of the month. Wynn is such a hard worker and never gives up! She persists and keeps trying until the job is done! She is also a very kind friend. Way to go, Wynn!


Kai Walder is the KR student of the month for December. He is a hard worker and knows that when things get tough, persisting is the key to finding success. When doing whole group activities, Kai is not afraid to share what he is thinking about a topic and can communicate those thoughts with clarity and precision. Keep up the great work Kai!


Yabdiel Falu Calderon is the student of the month for 1H. Yabdiel works hard to complete assignments and doesn't give up easily. Yabdiel enjoys sharing his ideas and things he notices while learning. He shares his thoughts while speaking in class or by writing them down. Way to go Yabdi!


Harley Cross is the student of the month for 1S! Harley is a hard worker and does not give up on a challenge. She often encourages others to keep on going and not to stop. She participates in class discussion sharing her thoughts and thinking with clarity. Way to go Harley!


Kingston Davis is the student of the month for 1V! Kingston loves to learn and NEVER gives up! He sticks with his tasks, even when they are challenging. He communicates clearly with his teachers and his peers. He's not afraid to ask for help. He contributes often to our class discussions. Kingston, you are amazing!


Adley Crago is our student of the month for persisting and thinking and communicating with clarity! Adley is very determined and persists through many hard tasks! She will come up and show me what she has tried before she asks for help. That is a very admirable quality! Adley admits when she needs help, and steps up when she can offer help to others. Anyone who has the privilege to get to work with Adley is lucky! Keep up the great work Adley!


Dayne Crago is Mrs. McPeek's student of the month. Dayne does a great job of persisting in challenging situations. He never gives up. When he needs help, he communicates with clarity with what he needs. Awesome job, Dayne!


Victoria Rocha is 2J's Student of the Month! She does not give up when things get hard, and she helps others persist as well. Victoria is great at "explaining her brain" and she always shares her thoughts. Keep up the great work, Victoria!


Adisson Woodraska is 3B's pick for this month. Adisson is always persisting and looking for the right answer. She does a great job communicating with clarity when answering questions and working in a group with her peers. Amazing work Adisson!


Tenlee Fenske is 3G's student of the month. Tenlee can do anything she sets her mind to! She is always striving to do her best and never gives up, even when it gets hard! She is fearless with answering questions and always willing to learn more. Way to go Tenlee!


Avery Swanstrom is 3K's student of the month. She is always working hard and giving it her best, no matter what she's doing. She never gives up until she is certain it is her best work. Avery is great at sharing and communicating her ideas with others and is always willing to explain her thinking to a classmate. Way to go, Avery!


Madyson Balcom is 4N's student of the month for December! Madyson is a great example for persisting when things get tough and always answering questions clearly no matter what subject we are learning! She is constantly doing the right thing in 4N and is a great role model for the students in Den C. Very proud of you, Madyson!


Misael Castillo is 4S student of the month. He works hard and doesn't give up when there is a tough question or situation. Misael is also willing to help others persist as well. When struggling or needing help he is able to communicate with clarity what he needs help with. You are doing great Misael, keep up the hard work!


Oaklyn Soulek is 4/5K's student of the month for December! Throughout the day, Oaklyn can be seen persisting with any task she is given. She is always trying her best even when she comes across a challenge! Oaklyn is also a student who shows what it looks like to communicate with clarity. If she has something to add to a class discussion she doesn't hesitate. Keep persisting Oaklyn!


Alexis Ramos Rodriguez is 5A's Student of the Month for December. Alexis is always up for a challenge and persists through the hardest tasks. He is always determined and tries his best. Alexis is also willing to share his thinking and communicate with others during our class discussions and activities. Great job, Alexis! I am proud of you!


Brady Hoesing is 5M's student of the month! Brady is always willing to communicate and participate in class discussions. Brady is always up for a challenge and persist through challenging problems or difficult activities. Brady also sets a great example for younger Longfellow Lions and I am so proud of you Brady!

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Miss Jira's class held their own balloon parade. Everyone in the building was invited to vote for a winner. What a fun idea! What colorful "floats"!
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STONE soup

Our first graders can tell you about Stone Soup. Mrs. Heckenlaible even read them a story about it. Ask a first grader about the folk tale where strangers give what little they have to come together and make a glorious meal.

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Mitchell School Board Meeting

Monday, Dec. 14th, 5pm


Location to be determined.


The weekends are the perfect time to wash your children's masks. Just don't forget to send them back on Monday!


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Keep Trying Until You Get It Right

Dates to Remember

NO PTO Meeting this month

Dec 5-Kids Christmas Shopping Event

Dec 10-PTO Pizza Hut fundraiser

Dec 14-School Board Meeting 5:00 PM, location TBD

Dec 22-Class Christmas Parties 2:00

Dec 22-End of 2nd quarter

Dec 23-Jan 3-Christmas Break-NO SCHOOL

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Did you know that we are having a LONGFELLOW FAMILY FITNESS CHALLENGE this year?!

It has been so much fun to see all of our Lions being active and having fun as a family!!! We have given away some amazing prizes to our winners and look forward to giving more prizes away each month!

If you haven’t signed up yet, it’s not too late!


Mrs. Eitemiller will post a video at the beginning of each month. The video will show the different activities for that month. As you complete the challenges, take a selfie of your family in action and post it either to our private Facebook group or our Google Classroom (codes listed below). Once your picture has been posted, I will enter your name into the drawing for that month. We will draw for prizes EVERY MONTH!


Search the group LONGFELLOW LIONS FAMILY FITNESS CHALLENGE and ask to join the group. Once I see your request, I will let you in the group.


Go to Google Classroom and click to join a class. Enter this code: 7uzita5

Have fun and remember to post a selfie for each activity in order to have your name in the drawing!


If you have any questions, email Mrs. Eitemiller at:

Longfellow Family Fitness Challenge Winners

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The Better to see you with, my dear

We have gained quite a collection of glasses over time. If things look a little blurry, stop by the office and maybe we can clear it up for you. Even if you have since replaced your glasses, just let us know so we can get these off of our shelf.
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American Education Week

November 16-20, 2020 was officially American Education week! It is a time to recognize all of the hard work put forth by our teachers, staff, custodians, paras, bus drivers, librarians, and substitutes for the benefit of your children. Malia Heth was chosen to represent Longfellow this year at the Mayoral Proclamation. Malia, thank you for being an example to others. Students like you make Longfellow PROUD!
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3rd Grade Turkeys traveling the world

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Baby It's Cold Outside

Brrrrrrr. We've had some really nice weather lately but it won't stay that way. We have a VERY limited supply of gloves, snow pants and boots to borrow out. Please make sure you watch the weather and send the appropriate items each day.

Den A shares a kernel of humor

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Thank you for understanding!

Please be aware that no one can enter our building without a face mask. Even if you are running in quick to pick up your child, you are expected to wear a mask. If you forgot yours, let us know when you ring the doorbell and we'll meet you at the door.

Den C is the place to be

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Here Comes the Woot-Woot Wagon

What in the world is a Woot-Woot Wagon, you may ask? I'll bet your student knows! Mrs. Heckenlaible, I mean, Leo the lion walks through the school with a woot-woot here and a woot-woot there. Students and staff who are caught being responsible and respectful of others, might get a prize! The wagon is full of special treats for our awesome lions.
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We are thankful for you!

We can't possible do our jobs without support from home. Educating your kiddos is an honor but we wouldn't be as successful as we are without the wonderful families that attend Longfellow. Continue to encourage your children to be their best. Read to them, or have them read to you. Cook together. Play together. Stay active. Your positive support from home makes a world of difference!

Meeting a military hero

For Veteran's Day, Den B had the opportunity to listen to a real American hero and they even got to interview him. Mr. Cliff spoke to the class via Zoom to talk about his experiences in the military and his time in the Korean War. Mr. Cliff is a Purple Heart recipient. What an amazing opportunity for the class to speak with him. Thank you for speaking with the class, and thank you for your service!
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we wish you a merry christmas

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Contact Us

As always, please contact the office if your student will be absent or leaving early for any reason.

Noel Ahlers-Administrative Assistant

Lisa Heckenlaible-Principal